Boris Johnson Claimed Covid Was ‘Nature’s Way Of Dealing With Old People’

Boris Johnson Claimed Covid Was ‘Nature’s Way Of Dealing With Old People’

The UK Covid inquiry has heard that former Prime Minister Boris Johnson favoured ‘older people accepting their fate’

According to the government’s chief scientific advisor, Johnson viewed Covid as “nature’s way of dealing with old people” and was “obsessed” with the idea of the elderly accepting their fate during the pandemic.

InfoWars reports: Journal entries by Sir Patrick Vallance, who was the UK’s top scientific adviser during the Covid plandemic, were entered into evidence on Tuesday as part of an independent Covid-19 inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic.

A December 2020 journal entry claimed Johnson believed old people dying was just a natural consequence of Covid-19.

“PM told he has been acting early and the public are with him (but his party is not). He says his party ‘thinks the whole thing is pathetic and Covid is just Nature’s way of dealing with old people – and I am not entirely sure I disagree with them. A lot of moderate people think it is a bit too much’. He expressed a desire to depend on public polls.”

Other damning evidence included handwritten notes captured by Johnson’s private secretary for public services Imran Shafi alleging the former prime minister asked, “Why are we destroying [the] economy for people who will die anyway soon?”

Vallance criticized Johnson in another journal entry claiming he was appeasing the anti-lockdown right-wingers, writing, “The rightwing press are culpable and we have a weak, indecisive PM.”

The evidence was revealed during the testimony of Johnson’s Director of Communications Lee Cain, who served until November 2020.