Iceland Bans Covid Shots amid Soaring Sudden Deaths

Iceland Bans Covid Shots amid Soaring Sudden Deaths

As excess deaths, strokes, blood clots, sudden cardiac arrests, and other “unexplained” health issues continue to soar around the world, the government of Iceland has taken decisive action and banned Covid mRNA shots from the island nation.

In early October, a conference titled “Let the Science Speak” was held in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Speakers at the conference talked about COVID-19 injection harms and the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) power grab.

Sasha Latypova was one of the six speakers at the event.

You watch a video of the event HERE.

Six weeks later, the organizers of the conference informed Latypova that the Icelandic government announced that, from next week, COVID-19 injections would no longer be available in Iceland.

“There were 200+ people in a packed conference room [in Iceland], and 300+ more on live stream,” Latypova said when writing about the event a couple of weeks later.

“This was a large attendance for a live event in Iceland on a topic that is heavily censored …

“Even the state media showed up briefly (probably to film everyone who attended for future surveillance). No matter.

“Everyone knows everyone else in a tiny country, and we were told the top officials are now extremely nervous.”

“It appears that as a direct result of this public event, the organizers now have scheduled a follow-up meeting with the Icelandic Ministry of Health,” she added.

Yesterday, Latypova was informed by the organizers of the conference in Iceland that an announcement appeared in the Icelandic daily paper Morgunbladid on 17 November.

The article ends: “Next week, the public will be able to get an influenza vaccination at the health center, but not covid vaccination at the moment.”

The following is a translation of the Morgunbladid article with comments added by Latypova.

Icelandic Government Quietly (Very Quietly) Removes Covid Vaccines. For now.

By Sasha Latypova

Translation of Morgunbladid article with [comments added]:

There has been a large increase in respiratory infections recently, according to Ragnheiður Óskar Erlendsdóttir, director of nursing at the Capital Region Health Service. [National Health Services that serves the whole capital are and nearby towns].

“We have noticed a considerable turnout for counselling,” [people showing up sick] she says. It is clear that covid-19 is quite widespread in society along with other plagues.

“Now covid is just like any other flu, but as with other flus, we would like to ask people to take a break while symptoms are severe and practice infection prevention.” [In the previous sentence it is a plague, here it is just a flu and we want you to just stay home, so we don’t get confronted with the result of mass poisoning we caused by “safe and effective” elixirs].

Since 18 October, vaccinations against covid and influenza have been available for people aged 60 and over and people with underlying diseases, but Ragnheiður says the attendance has been moderate.

Next week, the public will be able to get an influenza vaccination at the health centre, but not covid vaccination at the moment. [Emphasis added]

Infections are increasing, Morgunbladid, 17 November 2023

The victory comes after the massive damage that has been inflicted by poisoning 80% of the population:

The victory comes after the massive damage that has been inflicted by poisoning 80% of the population:

Our World in Data

This graph perfectly describes that there was never a pandemic in Iceland and all excess mortality happened after injectable poison was shipped and deployed.

The Monster is not going to admit they lost.

They will sweep it under the rug, making tiny obscure announcements that they hope nobody would notice, like they are doing it in Iceland, and elsewhere – for example from Australia.

They will pretend that brave public health agents battled the plague and botched some sh*t, but it was the best these dolts could do.

They will pretend a “listening session” on how to prevent future pandemics – that have always been faked, see HERE and HERE.

They will absolutely under no circumstances admit that the current laws in the US and EU enable mass genocide of people by the government completely legally, as long as they call the bio-chemical poison that is being forced on everyone a “EUA countermeasure under Public Health Emergency”.

That’s why they want you to believe in pandemics, or at least outbreaks, and especially the fairytale that engineered viruses posing a real danger to millions if not billions of people can be easily made by students in garages with components bought on Amazon.

But you are not allowed to call the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Virus Research Centre (VRC) out on the fact that they made a biological poison and called it a “vaccine.”

The question now remains: Will other nations follow Iceland’s example?