Ex CIA Analyst Confirms US Is Supplying Weapons To Both Sides of Israel-Hamas War

Ex-CIA Analyst Confirms US Is Supplying Weapons

The United States is funding, arming and supporting both sides of the Israel-Hamas conflict, according to former CIA analyst Larry Johnson.

Hamas is using US-supplied weapons to attack Israel even as Washington steps up military aid to West Jerusalem, said Johnson who added “It’s probably 100% sure that the weapons were supplied by the United States.”

According to Johnson, the only question was whether the Palestinian militant group’s weapons had come from US supplies diverted from Ukraine, Afghanistan, or the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

Noting there were “no effective controls” on the billions of dollars in arms and military financing funneled from the US to Ukraine in the last two years, Johnson observed that even weapons supplied by Israel to Ukraine might have made it back to Hamas via the black market, suggesting the war unfolding in Gaza “will tell us how extensive some of those weapons supplies have been.

The burgeoning conflict will also force a reevaluation of Washington’s blank check to Ukraine, the ex-analyst predicted. “Congress is going to insist that Israel gets put at the front of the line and that Ukraine’s going to go to the back of the line. It’s also going to embolden and make happen inspections and accounting … in order to deliver, to allow Ukraine to have any more weapons.” 

Noting that “Ukraine’s losing on the ground,” he predicted “this is going to be portrayed in the media in the coming weeks as the fate of Israel” if the US fails to supply sufficient weapons and cash to its Middle Eastern ally.