5 Best Go Go Bars in Bangkok

Some Hot Go Go Bars To Discover In Bangkok

There are dozens of Go Go bars around Bangkok – from shiny, bright and lively places where everyone is welcome to dark pits you definitely should avoid. We have listed here some friendly clubs for a first time experience, nothing too adventurous; more of a guide to satisfy your natural curiosity. Since there are three famous red-light districts in Bangkok (Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong) we picked some in each area. All these bars are safe, won’t rip you off with an unexpected bill, the girls are friendly and buying a lady drink is a good way to have a bit of company. Don’t expect to have much conversation though as English speaking girls are rare, but you will have plenty to occupy your eyes. We obviously know that we can’t please everyone but these bars are unanimously recognized as the best in town. Have fun!

Bada Bing A Go Go
5 Best Go Go Bars in Bangkok

Bada Bing is a fun-loving and friendly bar on Patpong Soi 2 where every night over 25 girls dance provocatively on stage dressed in sexy denim micro-shorts, army uniforms, nurses outfits and many other fantasy costumes that wouldn’t keep you warm, but certainly make the customers heat up. The bar design is modern, the service prompt, and best of all, Bada Bing is one of the only bars in the Patpong area where you can totally relax and enjoy yourself. With free entry every night of the week, you’ve got to ask yourself ‘why haven’t you seen this place with your own eyes?’

  • Location: Patpong
Baccara Club Bangkok

Baccara is the last bar at the end of Soi Cowboy – the brightest and hottest street of Bangkok. This modern and spotless club is much talked about and if you ask any Bangkok night owl where is the best place in town to have fun, Baccara would always be mentioned. Multiple levels of comfortable sofas surround a central stage on which many sexy looking girls move and shake to the music. Girls are very friendly and of course will encourage you to buy them a drink, and they certainly know how to be convincing. The place can get packed in the late hours, often with a majority of Japanese customers, so if the room is too crowded for you, just walk upstairs where a second, quieter room is available. The room up there is a lot darker and girls might not be as pretty as downstairs, but you can’t have it all.

  • Location: Soi Cowboy
Tilac Bar
Tilac Bar Bangkok

Forever immortalised in the Hollywood movie Hangover 2, Tilac Go Go Bar is one of the biggest in the city and it’s obvious a great deal of effort and money was invested in the layout, room design and lighting, even featuring large TV screens tuned on sports channels in case you get bored staring at pretty girls in tiny bikinis. Everything inside is ultra modern, with mirrors everywhere and a metal and neon futuristic vibe. A bar counter surrounds the large central stage where 15 to 20 girls dance at any given time, plus six smaller platforms scattered around the room with, of course, even more dancing girls! Drink prices are about 120 baht for a beer, which is fairly average on this street. Known to have prettier girls than the neighbours, Tilac is very popular and gets seriously busy in the late hours. Don’t come too late or you might be left all alone!

  • Location: Soi Cowboy
Angelwitch Club Bangkok

Angelwitch is a renowned a go go in Nana Plaza that has the best live performances in town. For 15 minutes every hour, the girls dress up and act out a series of short skits that end up with at least one girl picking her clothes up off the floor (but usually more).  Among the tried and tested acts are a high tempo and erotic Thai dance – complete with headdress and long fake nails, a cat burglar sneaking around to the sound of Pink Panther, and, for one lucky customer, an erotic lapdance and striptease. Angelwitch also commands a loyal following due to its music policy of rock classics and dancers dressed in black leather.

It is located on the second floor of Nana Plaza, take the left hand escalator.

  • Location: Nana Plaza
Billboard a Go Go
Billboard a Go Go Bangkok

Billboard is the next level in nightlife entertainment. The bar is larger than usual and a lot is going on inside. Once you enter you will have to decide if you prefer to sit next to the foam bath or by the dance stage… tough choice because both are surrounded with eye candy. The place is casual with good music, less of a ‘sit & stare’ kind of Go Go and you could come here and just have a drink with your buddies. In reality, chances are your eyes will inevitably be attracted by the action happening on the stages. On your right, a large bath is always full of girls having fun in a large amount of foam while the other stage on your left is shared between the usual pretty girls dancing to the music of a show you could call ‘sexy’ or ‘erotic’. The show involves a basic scenario to start from and evolves into something a hotter but nothing too offensive, you probably could take your girlfriend here… but that wouldn’t be as much fun. Prices start at the usual 120 baht and bill is of course brought to you with your drink.

  • Location: Nana Plaza – Third Floor