Explosive Report Reveals CIA Role in Creation of COVID Vaccines

Explosive Report Reveals CIA Role in Creation of COVID Vaccines  CIA, FDA and Bill & Melinda Gates
Merrill Lynch, and the Rockefeller University

Moderna’s Covid vaccine was manufactured by a government contractor with close connections to the CIA, FDA and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to a bombshell report.

Moderna in 2021 hired and tasked a supposedly new pharmaceutical manufacturing company called National Resilience (Resilience) to make all of their Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

The company apparently goes by several names, including Nanotherapeutics, Nanosphere Inc, Ology Bioservices, and Government Resilience Services, independent journalist Destiny Rezendes first reported last year.

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Investors in Resilience included Google, Lux Capital, Magnetic Ventures and 8VC, and the COO of the company also served as a senior adviser to Pfizer, according to database website Crunchbase.

Rezendes revealed that board members and investors tied to those companies include Council on Foreign Relations members, a board member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CIA affiliates, Merrill Lynch, and the Rockefeller University.

Additionally, former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb served as a Resilience board member.

“Also, Nanosphere and Nanotherapeutics AKA Resilience has countless contracts with the government concerning Biological Warfare, and gene specific sensors wanted by the DoD,” Rezendes noted.

To add insult to injury, Resilience was even tapped by the World Economic Forum to lead the Davos panel on cybersecurity.

“A biopharmaceutical company on cyber security? Ok sure, go get that Moderna Booster! – if you dare,” Rezendes posted.

In 2022, journalist Whitney Webb detailed more of Resilience’s ties to the CIA, noting that the idea of starting Resilience came from Luciana Borio, the founder of In-Q-Tel — the CIA’s venture capital firm.

Notably, the CIA bribed its own COVID-19 origin team to reject the lab-leak theory, according to several agency whistleblowers.