Multiple Studies Confirm Covid Shots Cause Cancer

Multiple Studies Confirm Covid Shots Cause Cancer  Covid mRNA Vaccine

Oncologists around the world are continuing the raise the alarm as a growing number of new studies confirm that Covid mRNA shots cause cancer.

Two more new studies have just added to the swelling body of evidence showing that the injections trigger the rapid development and spread of cancer.

According to a report from Infowars, one study revealed that the spike protein from Covid mRNA shots elicits gene-interrupting activity.

This, in turn, inhibits a crucial protein that is used for tumor suppression.

This gene-interrupting causes the cancer cells to flourish.

This is particularly alarming, considering that the mRNA and viral vector Covid vaccines cause the body to produce the spike protein as the primary mechanism of their function.

In the “Discussion” section of the study, the researchers note:

“…we identified the SARS-CoV-2 spike S2 subunit as a COVID-19 virus factor that interrupts p53 binding to MDM2 in cancer cells and demonstrated the suppressive effect of SARS-CoV-2 spike S2 on p53 signaling in cancer cells.

“Correlated to the inhibition of p53 signaling, the short-term expression of spike S2 caused an altered DNA damage response through altered levels of γ-H2AX after DNA damage in cells, altered sensing in the damage response to cisplatin Importantly, the p53-dependent DNA damage induction of growth arrest and apoptotic targets p21(WAF1) and TRAIL Death Receptor DR5 was significantly attenuated under different experimental conditions with spike S2 and this was associated with greater cell viability in the presence of spike S2 and chemotherapy treatment.

“As loss of p53 function is a known driver of cancer development and confers chemo-resistance, our study provides insight into cellular mechanisms by which SARS-CoV-2 spike S2 may be involved in reducing barriers to tumorigenesis during and post-SARS-CoV-2 infections.”

The report notes that a second study found that Covid mRNA injections also interfere with the immune system, leading to cancer.

In the “Abstract” section of the study, the researchers note:

“…it has been discovered that the mRNA vaccines inhibit essential immunological pathways, thus impairing early interferon signaling.

“Within the framework of COVID-19 vaccination, this inhibition ensures an appropriate spike protein synthesis and a reduced immune activation.”

“Evidence is provided that adding 100 % of N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ) to the mRNA vaccine in a melanoma model stimulated cancer growth and metastasis, while non-modified mRNA vaccines induced opposite results, thus suggesting that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines could aid cancer development.”

Separately, oncology Professor Angus Dalgleish discussed multiple mechanisms the Covid shots instigate which cause cancer.

He mentioned the suppression of T cell responses, increased PD-L1, contamination of plasmid DNA with SV40 enhancer sequence and IgG4 class switch.

THAIMBC News recently reported on a scientist who exposed a coverup of previous studies that indicated the Covid shots cause cancer.

Two scientists published a peer-reviewed study in 2021 showing that Covid mRNA shots cause cancer but their findings were covered up over fears it would fuel so-called “ant-vaccine propaganda.”

One of the Sweden-based scientists has blown the whistle to reveal that their bombshell findings were shut down by officials at the universities they worked for.

Newly unsealed emails have also backed up the allegations, revealing the peer-reviewed study was shut down and hidden from the public.

One leading expert, ‎Dr. Mobeen Syed, estimates that, because of the paper’s retraction, “some 20%-30% of the population were deprived of access to information” that would have led to their refusing the Covid injections “even in the presence of vaccine mandates due to the potential carcinogenicity risk.”

“A further 20% of the population may have declined the product purely based on the existence of this risk.

“It could therefore be reasonably estimated that up to half of the excess cancers, as reported in the ABS provisional mortality reports… might have been prevented had appropriate due diligence and pharmacovigilance been applied,” Syed wrote.

Apparently, the soaring cancers among the Covid vaccinated are not bad news for everyone, however.

As THAIMBC News previously reported, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is anticipating huge profits from treating the surging cancer cases.

According to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, skyrocketing cancer cases present an opportunity to make “blockbuster” profits.

Celebrating these new opportunities, Bourla gloated to shareholders that cancer “is our new Covid.”

Meanwhile, a major breakthrough in oncology was recently announced by one of the world’s leading cancer experts.

World-renowned American surgical oncologist Dr. Kathleen Ruddy announced that the miracle drug has been used to save the lives of terminally ill patients.

Dr. Ruddy revealed that the so-called “horse dewormer,” which posed a threat to the sales of Covid vaccines during the pandemic, has stunned doctors by triggering dramatic recoveries in those suffering late-stage cancer.

Ruddy said the drug was tried on three patients who had exhausted all other cancer treatments.

She revealed that the patients went from their deathbeds to making a full recovery and being completely cancer-free in under a year after taking ivermectin.

Amazingly, Ruddy said every late-stage cancer patient who has tried ivermectin has made a full recovery that left doctors stunned.

She noted that the probably of the patients recovering coincidentally while taking ivermectin was “zero”

“It’s like winning the lottery on the first three tickets you ever buy,” she explained.