Top Cardiologist Raises Alarm over ‘Turbo Cancer’ Spike in Vaxxed

Top Cardiologist Raises Alarm over ‘Turbo Cancer’ Spike in Vaxxed  vaccine
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World-renowned American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has issued a chilling warning about the soaring cases of “turbo cancers” being diagnosed among people who received Covid mRNA shots.

In a new video message, McCullough warns that the Covid injections are causing the “epidemic” of rapidly developing cancers.

“The COVID vaccines have at least three mechanisms by which they could start a cancer, or they could promote an existing cancer.”

He explains how the shots are destroying the immune systems of vaccine recipients and triggering deadly cancers to form.

McCullough breaks down his explanation into three main points:

1.) The messenger RNA from COVID-19 injections could severely disrupt the body’s ability to repair damaged DNA.

This breakdown in basic cell processes leads to uncontrolled mutations.

The mutations greatly increase the risk of developing cancer.

2.) The S2 segment of the spike protein, delivered specifically through the vaccine, is implicated in suppressing key tumor suppressor proteins such as P53 and BRCA.

This suppression effectively disarms the body’s primary defenses against cancerous cell growth.

It paves the way for tumors to flourish unchecked.

3.) The formulation of mRNA vaccines includes DNA process-related impurities that could carry proto-oncogenic properties.

McCullough explains:

“And the fragments that are detected are the SV40 enhancer, promoter, and origin of insertion, as well as antibiotic resistance fragments that are used in the manufacturing process.”

“So, in summary, the COVID vaccines have at least three mechanisms by which they could start a cancer, or they could promote an existing cancer, and it may occur more rapidly because tumor defense systems are taken down,” said Dr. McCullough.

“That’s what we call turbo cancer.”


Elsewhere in the video, McCullough explains how vaccine-injured people can seek recovery.

“If we don’t address the spike protein, it’s not going to get better.”

Dr. McCullough recommends three key substances for those seeking recovery after the shots.

1.) Nattokinase. Why? It degrades spike proteins, as suggested by preclinical studies. • Take 2000 units twice a day.

2.) Bromelain. Why? Similar to nattokinase, it also breaks down spike proteins. • Take 500 milligrams once a day

3.) Curcumin. Why? Reduces inflammation and spike protein damage. • Take 500 milligrams twice a day and combine with 5 or 10 mg of piperine to enhance its absorption.

That summarizes McCullough’s “Base Spike Detoxification” protocol.


Hydroxychloroquine: Added if there are signs of autoimmunity. Ivermectin: Included if there are signs of persistent infection.

Colchicine: Used if there are significant signs of pleuropericardial problems (involving the membrane around the heart and lungs).

Nicotine Patch or Oral Aciclovir: These are considered if there are neurological symptoms like brain fog.

Low-dose Naltrexone: Used to enhance the body’s natural painkilling response and reduce inflammation.


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