A couple years ago my answer to this question would be a firm:


However, as I age and grow more aware of different ways to experience Thailand, the answer to his question has changed…

Should you send money to a Thai girl while she is in Thailand and you are not? 

Only if you do it intelligently!

What I mean by this is, if you come to Thailand one time, fuck a Thai girl the first night, go back home without plans to visit Thailand in the near future, then you should not send money.

She will play the game of talking to you every day on Skype, saying that she loves you, saying that she is faithful, and then ultimately play the bullshit card of her mom being sick or her family’s buffalo died.

Basically, you are just getting scammed.  She is fucking other guys.  She has a hundred other men just like you who she says the same thing to.

However, if you have plans to visit Thailand in the near future, there is nothing wrong with lining up some pussy for the first couple of days while you are in Thailand.

If the girl is hot enough, fun, and great in bed – Send her a bit of money a week or two before you arrive in Thailand.  Just make it clear, you want her waiting for you when you arrive.

This way you’ll have some pussy lined up on day one.  Which usually all you want to do is,

Fuck and sleep off the jet lag!

You want to do this tactic a week or two before you arrive so there isn’t enough time for her to ask you for money again before you step off the plane in Thailand.  And not to mention, she’ll be so happy because you are such a “good guy” by “taking care of her”.

This isn’t something that I normally revert to.  However, if I’m on one of my yearly trips where I leave Thailand for a month or two, I may do this with a girl or two.  This is just an easy way of making a cheap reservation for a normally expensive piece of ass.

There are plenty of free options around, but if you want the best without hassle, nothing wrong with the “pay to play” option.  Just don’t be a sucker and expect her to be faithful to you when you only visit Thailand once a year!