First of all, who am I to tell you if it is “okay” to fuck a Ladyboy while you visit Thailand?  You are an adult and you can make your own decisions…

However, before you make the decision to put your dick inside a Thai Lady Boy (Katoy), you need to be aware of the risks / consequences of your actions.

Here are three reasons why you should NOT fuck a Thai Lady Boy:

1- HIV

HIV and other sexual transmitted disease are a major problem in the “gay” and “ladyboy” community in Thailand.


Rarely is protection ever used.  Maybe guys decide not to use a rubber when fucking a “man” because there is no chance of pregnancy.  But what a lot of people don’t know is, HIV is far easier to transfer from Man-to-Man than from Woman-to-Man.

Studies have shown that up to 20% of all Thai ladyboys have HIV.  This is a HUGE statistic that you need to keep in mind before you put unprotected dick inside the “he-shes” of Thailand.

2- The Date Rape Drug

Ever woke up the next morning with a giant hangover only to find that all of your money, electronics, and valuables are missing – with no memory of the previous night?

If so, there is a good chance that you accidentally took home a ladyboy and she slipped you the “date rape drug” so that you would pass out.  12 hours later you wake up without being raped and without any of your valuables.

This has happen to a couple of my friends, and when they report it to the police, the police says that this is almost always done by ladyboys.  (Video footage uncovered a couple of days later proved that to be true in these cases.) “Rape Drug”

3- Stage 5 Clingers

If you thought it was difficult trying get a Thai girl to leave your hotel in the morning, that is nothing compared to trying to kick out a ladyboy the next morning.  Even if you thought you took the “ladyboy” home for free, you will be in for a rude awakening when the “ladyboy” simply refuses to leave your home until you pay 5,000 baht.  Or better yet, they will just cling onto you and play the role of your “GF” looking for the perfect chance to rob you.

Below is a true story that literally just happened 3 days ago to an acquaintance of mine in Thailand, which is what motivated me to write this article: 

Man meets lady.  Man takes lady home.  Lady stays with him for a couple of days.  Man doesn’t know it is a ladyboy…but we do.  When we try to tell him, he doesn’t believe us.

Man goes to the ATM and pulls out 20,000 baht (650usd).  Man puts 19,000 baht into the “ladyboys” purse while he takes 1,000 baht and enters the pharmacy.

Two minutes later the man exits the pharmacy, the ladyboy and “her” motor bike are gone.  Man never sees the ladyboy again.

Is this guy an idiot?  Probably.  But this just goes to show, even if the ladyboy plays the “perfect girlfriend” role enough to build your trust, the “he-shes” are just waiting for the chance to rob the tourist when opportunity presents itself.

– – – – – – – – – –

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Thai ladyboys.  I have nothing against being gay, but I do have a problem with men tricking other men into thinking they are a woman just so they can drug and rob them.

Some of you may be reading this and think this is the most prejudice piece of shit that you’ve ever read.  But let me tell you, this isn’t just one man’s biased opinion regarding Ladyboys – nor am I making this up.  This comes from 5 years of living in Thailand and knowing hundreds of men who have had encounters with Thai ladyboys.

In fact, I’ve even sat down with a few Ladyboys and have discussed this face to face.  And their response is always the same, they just laugh and feel no shame for what they do.

Now is this true for all ladyboys in Thailand?  No, not all.  But this is true for such a vast majority that you should NEVER let a ladyboy enter your room.

If you want to fuck a ladyboy, go to one of the Ladyboy GoGo clubs in Nana Plaza (Obsessions, Casanova, Cascade, etc..”  or use a legit ladyboy escort agency in Bangkok.  But don’t touch freelance ladyboys that you meet on the street or in the club.  It isn’t fucking worth it.

Hope this helps!