Not only is this a question that I’m asked weekly by visitors to this website, but this is a question that I tend to ask myself at least a few times a year.

The below is merely an opinion from one man, me. But this opinion is a collection of years of experiences from not only myself, but from many others who have lived in Thailand.

First, if you’ve never had a Thai girlfriend in Thailand, there is one thing you need to know. Having a GF here is not the same as having a GF back in America or Europe. Here girlfriends aren’t someone that you see a couple times a week then move-in with after a few months. In Thailand they are basically your wife. If they don’t move in, they will expect to see you nearly every waking moment and stay at your home every night. And this tends to happen within a couple days of you first sleeping with her.

Thai girls hate to be alone, are clingy, and very jealous if you go out without them.

If you enjoy your freedom and not having to explain your whereabouts to anyone = Don’t have a Thai girlfriend. Stick with “Giks” (aka fuck buddies).

Although freedom is one thing you may give up, there are many benefits that come with having a Thai girlfriend. It’s a fact that Thai women know how to take care of their man on levels that western women are far too lazy for. Such benefits are:

1- Live in maid. She will cook, clean, and do just about any household duty without ever being told to.

2- Unlimited sex, blowjobs, and massages. No longer do you have to wait till your birthday to get your yearly blowjob or negotiate for a massage. Thai girls know that this is expected and is part of being your girlfriend.

3- We all know condoms suck, but are necessary. When you verify that she is exclusively fucking you, get her tested, and you are good to go.

There are many benefits of having a Thai girlfriend and many downsides as well, one such downside is when you want to fuck another woman…

I’ll be honest, I have never met one man in Thailand who has not cheated on his Thai girlfriend or wife. This is just what happens when sex with beautiful women is so easy.

“For every attractive woman you see, there’s a guy somewhere tired of having sex with her!”

You can go “short time” a girl at a bar, GoGo club, or massage parlor. And this is what most men do. But there will come a time when you randomly meet a girl that you like. Then the lies start: “No I don’t have a girlfriend.” “I was just out with friends having a drink.” “You know I care about you and I only want you.” Etc…

This will work until that inevitable point in time where you fuck up and forget to delete your text messages because you were too drunk and tired.

You will then wake up with a girl who stands just over 5 feet tall beating the shit out of you and screaming like a mad woman.

Prepare for drama like you have never before experienced…

One of the hardest and most costly things in Thailand is breaking up with your girlfriend when you are caught cheating. Repairing computers, televisions, and furniture is not cheap. Then two days later she will apologize and beg to have you back.

(Note: If your girlfriend is an ex-whore and you are giving her a monthly allowance, be sure that you negotiate into the deal that you are able to “short time” other girls. This sounds crazy, but it works. I know quite a few friends with this set up.)

The question of whether you should have a Thai girlfriend is not an easy one to answer, there is no right answer.

You’ll probably sleep around for a bit. Find one that like better than the others and before you know it, she’s living with you. Then a couple weeks or months you’ll find someone better, break up, find a hotter one, and the never ending cycle will repeat itself.

The thing about Thailand is, there are so many BEAUTIFUL women around. Even though you are sleeping with the HOTTEST girl of your life, you’ll find another one better right around the corner.

One final piece of advice: Once you leave Thailand, go ahead and continue talking with your Thai girlfriend. But never send her money. She will come up with a whole bunch of excuses, but the fact is:

If you are not in Thailand, she will be fucking another man whether you send her money or not!

Don’t believe me? No problem, all you have to lose is your bank account ?