I RAN OUT OF MONEY IN THAILAND AND I WANT TO KILL MYSELF! PLEASE HELPJust two weeks ago an American man died by suicide in Thailand.  He ran out of money, didn’t want to go back to the States, and got very depressed.  He jumped to his death 20 stories high with tears in his eyes and alcohol flowing throughout his veins.

This is not uncommon with those who get a taste of paradise and don’t want to return to “the real world” where you work some shitty job and are surrounded by fat ungrateful women.


Just a few days I received this email:

“Yo THAIMBC, it’s R****.  Listen I ran out of money and I’m pretty much fucked!  Can you send me some advice what to do on the internet man to get money.  I’m in Chiang Mai and would really appreciate your help.  Thanks man.”

Honestly, I get a similar email every week, some more desperate than others..

…though this specific guy just had a string of bad luck and is by no means suicidal, many before this one have been…

Listen, many can make money over the internet while living in Thailand, but most don’t.

You can’t just decide that you want to make money, log into your computer, and an hour later make $100 or more.

Unless you are one of the few successful online poker players / stock traders out there, that just isn’t a viable option.

It takes time, practice, and dedication to be successful in anything.  And making money in Thailand is no different.

If you stop monitoring your bank account while going more and more debt until you are penniless, my advice is this:

“Suck it up.  Be a man.  Go back to your own country.  Get a job.  Save money. Learn how to make a passive income on the side. And return to Thailand a year later.”

The lifestyle is the most addictive drug you can imagine.  You never “work”. You fuck new beautiful women whenever you want.  You are treated like a king.  And you are literally living in paradise.

Foreigners every week in Thailand choose suicide over returning to their own country and working for what they want.

Life isn’t always perfect.  If fact, it can down right suck at times.  But if you never had hard times in your life, you’d never realized what it was like to be a real man who can overcome obstacles and eventually EARN the life you want.

Look, we’ve all been there, including yours truly.  The moments where you as a man is at your weakest. The moments in your life that you are too embarrassed to tell anyone about.  The moments where you are standing alone at the edge of a roof looking 50 stories down, and you ask yourself, “Why the fuck not?  Life is too easy / depressing / boring / hard / painful / etc…  It would be so simple to just take one last step forward…”

But it’s the real men that take a step back, not the step forward. The real men realize,

“Yeah, life is shit right now.  But it won’t always be like that.  Now that I know what I want, as long as I move a little towards that “goal” every week, I will eventually have it!”

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P.S.  On the specific email that inspired this post, here is my response:

Hey *******,

Yeah, that’s never an easy one.

The fact is, it can take quite a bit of trial and error to learn to make money on the internet while being in Thailand.

My recommended is start small and work your way up from there.

1- Go to fiver.com and see if there are any quick jobs that you can do. You keep $4 for each job.  So if you can 5 jobs in one day, you can continue to live in Thailand.  You really only need $20 a day to live in Chiang Mai once you are already there.  Then once you have making $20 a day, work up to 40, then $60, etc…

2- Go to Odesk.com and if you have computer access, try to land a small job as a virtual assistant.   Offer to give 2 hours of free work to prove yourself.  Do great and earn yourself a paying job.

Basically, that is where I would start.  If you had more time, you could experiment with selling items on eBay and Amazon as mentioned in my book, but that can take at least a couple of months to build up.

Anyways man, hope this helps.