Couple of questions about Oil Massages in Thailand – if you have already answered them on another post would love a link coz I couldn’t find it…

1) Can you choose which girl to get the oil massage from?

2) Do they allow you to touch them at all in types 1 and 2? In same types – is any nudity involved from their end?

3) Which are the best spots to get an oil one in sukhumvit – Sorry to be so questioning but I dont have a huge amount of time in BKK? I read on another post of urs u mentioned mangos and snow white – do they offer all three types?

4) Is the overall experience monetarily and physically safe?

Good questions!

1- Yes, you CAN choose the girl that gives you an oil massage. When you walk in, you’ll see a bunch of girls either sitting outside or inside of the shop. One girl will walk up to greet you, but that doesn’t mean she is assigned to you. Just ask who is available and pick the hottest girl.

2- In the “dirty” massage places, it’s usually okay to touch them. I always play around and slap their ass a little if the girl is playful, sometimes fingering her. Some girls will make it a very fun and enjoyable time with touching and teasing, while other girls will focus more on the massage.

In the “dirty” places, I usually convince the girls to take off their clothes, but this is hit or miss.

In the professional places that don’t put in you a private room when you order an oil massage, don’t try anything. These are the professional shops with no happy ending services. Although, these are the shops that tend to give you the best massage.

3- As far as recommendations, I don’t really have one specific place that I prefer on Sukhumvit. I like to try new shops each time. Most of them are pretty good.

My advice is walk around a bit and get a massage from a woman in her 30’s. She won’t be the hottest looking girl, but she will take GREAT care of you.

FYI, my buddy tells me that there is an AMAZING massage shop on Sukhumvit Soi 33 on the corner of where Bless hotel located.

Mangos and Snow White are more specialised oil massages which are more expensive but includes the fuck. Personally, I prefer soapy body massages.

4- Yes, the massage establishments are safe. I’ve never heard of someone being robbed or physically attacked. Although, be smart about it. Don’t carry A LOT of cash and always have your wallet and clothes within eye sight.

A Tip About Special Massages

A great way to let your massage girl know that you want a “special massage” without even asking for it is when you undress, be completely naked under the towel. (It also helps if you order an oil massage.)

And if you don’t want the special massage, keep your underwear on.

Enjoy your time in Thailand!