So I have a problem. I’ve been living in Thailand for 6 months and I find it is very difficult to juggle more than one girlfriend. The girls will come over unannounced, they will look through my phone, and they won’t go home in the morning.

Any advice for me?


That’s an awesome question and the answer is one I’ve been continuing to perfect throughout my years living in Thailand…developing the magic method of juggling multiple Thai girlfriends at once.

Because as you probably already know, Thai girls get clingy and VERY jealous…which can lead to problems if you don’t handle them correctly.

Really, you have two different approaches:

1- Be straight forward and let her know that you are with other girls.

2- Be sneaky about it.

The Straight Forward Method

The straight forward method is what I would “like” to work, but it never seems to work out. With certain types of Thai girls who honestly like you, telling her openly that you are fucking other girls, just won’t fly most of the time.

If you try this method too late in the “relationship”, she’ll just go out and fuck other guys. (Thai girls will ALWAYS try to get even one way or another.)

And I have a very firm rule…

My Thai Girls Can Only Fuck Me While We Are “Dating”

It’s much easier to be straight forward when you are fucking “sex workers” like Bar Girls and GoGo Dancers. But when dealing with “good girls”, this usually isn’t the way to go.

So, the “sneaky” strategy is what I always end up doing…

Sneaky Method of Juggling Multiple Thai Girls

I have a few friends who are masters at managing multiple Thai women. Here’s some advice:

1- Thai girls will ALWAYS look at your phone when you are sleeping or passed out drunk. More men than myself have woken up to Thai girls trying to beat the shit out of them after secretly looking at their phone.

ALWAYS have an auto lock on your phone and NEVER let her see your password.

Also, delete any text messages you send to girls. Your “girlfriend” won’t often call the numbers in your phone, but they will always read the text messages.

2- This next strategy I learned from my American friend who has lived in Bangkok for 10+ years and even went to high school here.

Never have a “girls” name in your phone. Change the girl names into boy names, and use whatever memory mnemonic you’ll remember. For example, if one of your girls is named, “Bee”. You will use the first couple of letters of her name and enter it into your phone as a man’s name. (Ben).

This way when she looks through your phone and see all the calls, she’ll just assume you are calling your guy friends.

3- Never call her your girlfriend. If a Thai girl calls me her boyfriend, I’ll simply ignore it and not comment on it. If she asks if she is my girlfriend, I’ll say the following with a smile:

I’m not ready to have a girlfriend now. You are my “special friend”

Sounds foolish, But It Works!

Managing more than one girlfriend at the same time in Thailand is more of an art than a science. There will be those times when you slip up and are woken up by a very angry girl standing barely 5 feet tall beating the shit out of you with high heels.

But this is Thailand, if she doesn’t like your lifestyle or if you fuck up…find a new one and try again!