Trump Sends Leftists Into Rage With What He Plans To Do After His Second Term

Trump Sends Leftists Into Rage With What He Plans To Do After His Second Term

Though the U.S. Constitution forbids him from serving more than one term in office, former President Donald Trump joked about holding office for three terms at a speech before the National Rifle Association over the weekend.

In a strange turn of events throughout his long speech, Trump lauded President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a figurehead to conservatives. Regarding his own record, Trump remarked, “Never seen anything like it, very much reminiscent of the days of FDR,” adding:

You know, FDR was a beautiful, had a beautiful patrician voice, magnificent voice, great debater, very smart man. You know, FDR, 16 years, almost 16 years. He was four-term, I don’t know. Are we going to be considered three-term or two-term? You tell me, Ronnie, what do you think, are we three-term or two-term, if we win. But think of it. They’re going to say wonderful.

Then, Trump reiterated his ludicrous allegation that Joe Biden uses drugs of some kind to deliver electrifying speeches, saying, “Now he did that State of the Union the other day.” He had a kite-like high. So I believe that during the argument, we ought to demand drug testing.

Myah Ward of Politico observed that Trump has made statements indicating he would not step down from office after serving a second term.

“It’s not the first time Trump has mentioned extending his stay in the White House, an idea he suggested while on the campaign trail in 2020. His latest remarks provide more fodder for the Biden campaign, which seized on the comments as it tries to paint Trump as a threat to democracy and institutional norms,” Ward reported.

She also mentioned that Trump recently stated to Time Magazine that he opposes altering the Constitution in order to maintain power, saying, “I wouldn’t be in favor of it at all.” I plan to work hard and serve for four years. And I wish to restore our nation. I wish to reroute it in the proper direction. Our nation is collapsing. We currently live in a failing nation. Our country is in chaos.