Joe Biden Explodes Into Senile Rage About Debunked Trump Hoax: ‘How Dare He Say That?’

Joe Biden Explodes Into Senile Rage About Debunked Trump Hoax: ‘How Dare He Say That?’

Joe Biden exploded into rage on Saturday night in South Carolina, dredging up a discredited Trump hoax to clamor about the presidential frontrunner.

Biden devolved into unbridled anger, slurring his words as he repeated the debunked slander about his political opponent.

“Donald Trump, when he was Commander-in-Chief, refused to visit a cemetery, US cemetery, outside of Paris for fallen American soldiers,” Biden claimed. “And he referred to those heroes, and I quote, as ‘suckers and losers.’ He actually said that. He said that. How dare he say that? How dare you talk about my son and all of us just like that.”

In September 2020, former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shredded the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg over reporting the “suckers and losers” hoax.

“Ten sources went on the record debunking these lies, eight with first-hand knowledge, stating on the record one common truth: That this story is false. It never happened,” McEnany said at the press briefing.

She then referenced two members of Trump’s staff who refuted the Atlantic’s claims: Derek Lyons, Counselor to the President, and Dan Walsh, former Deputy Chief of Staff and retired military commander.

“I can attest to the fact that there was a bad weather call in France and that the helicopters were unable to safely make the flight,” McEnany said, citing Walsh. “Overall, the president’s support and respect for our American troops past and present is unquestionable.”

McEnany proceeded to praise the president’s commitment to military veterans and members of the United States Armed Forces, noting that he has always showed care and respect while visiting veterans and wounded fighters.

“Why would a publication abandon all journalistic integrity and publish this story?” McEnany asked. “It’s because the liberal activists at the Atlantic are uninterested in the truth and only interested in pedaling conspiracy-laden propaganda. Because here is the one truth. No one, and I mean no one, loves and cares for our servicemen and women as much as President Donald J. Trump.”

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway noted that the Atlantic report was widely refuted by witnesses.

International security professor Max Abrahms also slammed the sham journalism.

“So many anonymous sources in this article,” he said. “It’s just one after another. Reminds me of journalism leading up to the Iraq war.”

Joe Biden also made a misleading insinuation in his statement that his son Beau Biden died due to his military service.

His diatribe clearly classifies Beau Biden as a “fallen American soldier.”

The president has previously made remarks about his son “dying in Iraq.” Beau Biden died from brain cancer in 2015, years after returning home from military service. Joe Biden maintains that his son’s brain cancer is attributable to toxic burn pits in Iraq.

Joe Biden had further embarrassing moments in South Carolina on Saturday night.

“Biden is unable to form a coherent sentence,” RNC Research pointed out. “This is just pathetic and embarrassing.”

“You see that article about the Snickers bars?” he strangely asked.

“Folks um…….. I uh………..if I were smart, I’d say thank you and leave,” he said.

Apparently, Joe isn’t smart, because he didn’t just leave. The president put his foot in his mouth over and over again. And to make matters worse, he lied while he did it.