American Rancher Blows Whistle On ‘Horrifying’ mRNA Vaccine Results in Livestock

American Rancher Blows Whistle On ‘Horrifying’ mRNA Vaccine Results in Livestock

An American rancher has blown the whistle on the results of mRNA vaccine tests in livestock, revealing that more than a quarter of the animals died or experienced “horrifying” side effects including lameness, anorexia and near-death symptoms.

Disturbingly, from the point of view of the consumer, the autopsies were still found to have remnants of the live mRNA virus inside the meat of these animals.

“They took 525 hogs, injected them with a live mRNA vaccine and in 21 days, these were the statistics: 25 of them suffered from death, 55 of them became so anorexic that they were near death, 20 of them suffered from lameness, 12 of them suffered from loss of condition, and 25 more of them had near death symptoms.” Watch:

“Let’s dig into the statistics sheet about mRNA vaccines in live animals and why this is a concern not only as a consumer, but as a producer as well.

“So we have 70% of these animals that are gonna be okay to an extent, and then we have 30% of them that either have died or have near death symptoms.

“They did autopsies on the ones that had passed away, and they still found remnants of the live virus vaccine inside the meat of these animals.

“So from a consumer standpoint we have to worry about a live virus being inside of our meat that we’re putting inside of our bodies, and as a producer stand point, we have to worry about the health of our animals that can ultimately destroy us, destroy our herd, and destroy our business altogether.

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“Let’s get this information out there and make people aware. And as always, guys, buy American and buy local.”