WHO Orders World Governments To Ban ‘Meat Products’ To ‘Prevent the Next Pandemic’

WHO Orders World Governments To Ban ‘Meat Products’ To ‘Prevent the Next Pandemic’

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned world governments that the “next pandemic” will come from the meat supply and as a consequence humanity must be restricted in its consumption of animal products.

According to the WHO, the meat supply must be regulated to price animal products out of reach for ordinary people, with blanket bans on many products.

This disturbing new globalist narrative comes amid an escalating war against agriculture and livestock farming over claims that producing meat and dairy products contributes to the so-called “climate crisis.”

Now the WHO, which receives the majority of its funding from Bill Gates, is targeting the meat industry with the latest proven fear tactic – the alleged risk of another freedom-robbing pandemic.

This new fearmongering idea is now being pushed like never before under One Health. One Health is a global agenda that gives sweeping powers to unelected bureaucrats at the WHO.

The plan will allow the WHO to centralize power and make decisions relating to diet, agriculture and livestock farming, environmental pollution, movement of populations, healthcare, and much more, for the entire world, overriding the rights of citizens and the laws of sovereign nations.

To that end, a report from the Brooks McCormick Jr. Animal Law & Policy Program at Harvard Law School and the Center for Environmental & Animal Protection at New York University now predicts that the next pandemic is likely to emerge from the U.S. meat supply.

Additionally, they warn that the fur trade, petting zoos, and pets all create similar risks.

It basically reviews all the different areas of life and commerce that involve animal and human contact, however brief or rare, and the subsequent hypothetical zoonotic transmission chains.

Unsurprisingly, One Health documents are repeatedly referenced in this report.

Overall, the One Health agenda essentially demonizes the meat and dairy industry and the consumption of food products from animals.

The plan calls for minimizing or eliminating certain animal-human contact, sterilizing areas where animals are kept or butchered, and/or increasing the use of antibiotics and vaccines in animals across the board. It also calls for massively increased biosurveillance and testing.

The One Health agenda effectively suggests that contact with animals and meat products creates a high risk.

In contrast, the report in question primarily focuses on legislative and regulatory actions to curtail zoonotic disease.

The suggestions include the potential banning of certain animal practices that “present great risk but relatively little value, economic or otherwise.”

The warnings in the report read like they were prepared to be used to justify the transition to synthetic lab-grown “meat” promoted by Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

In recent years, the lab-grown “meat” industry has been pushing the narrative that their cell-based lab-concoctions are the answer to today’s environmental woes, and that includes the threat of zoonotic disease transmission, as lab-grown “meat” is grown in supposedly highly hygienic and sterile conditions.

The main marketing pitch for the emerging lab-grown meat industry is that it helps “fight climate change” by reducing the emissions from traditional farming.