Arizona Rancher Who Fatally Shot Illegal Alien on His Property Goes on Trial

Arizona Rancher Who Fatally Shot Illegal Alien on His Property Goes on Trial

The Arizona rancher, who was arrested and accused of second-degree murder and aggravated assault for protecting his wife and property from illegal aliens, is set to stand trial starting this Friday.

George Alan Kelly, aged 74, was taken into custody for the murder of Gabriel Cuen-Butimea at his ranch located in Kino Springs, Arizona, just outside the border town of Nogales, Mexico. The incident occurred on January 30, 2023.

Reports indicate that Gabriel Cuen-Butimea has a record of illegally entering the United States and has been deported multiple times in the past.

According to Mr. Kelly’s defense attorneys, he discharged warning shots upon spotting a group of men wearing camouflage clothing pointing an AK-47 directly at him.

The attorneys for George Alan Kelly emphasized that he fired shots above the heads of the individuals, ensuring no one was directly harmed.

The rancher later found the deceased illegal immigrant, who is believed to be associated with the cartel, when he went to check on his horse, according to reports.

Initially facing a charge of first-degree murder, George Alan Kelly had his charge reduced to second-degree murder following a recent evidentiary hearing in court, as ruled by a judge.

As reported by the AP News:

An Arizona rancher goes on trial Friday in the fatal shooting of a migrant on his property near Mexico as the national debate over border security heats up ahead of this year’s presidential election.

George Alan Kelly, 75, has been charged with second-degree murder in the killing of a man he encountered on his property outside Nogales, Arizona. The trial in Santa Cruz County Superior Court is expected to last up to a month.

Kelly had earlier rejected a plea deal that would have reduced the charge to one count of negligent homicide if he pleaded guilty.