‘Only Reason Border Not Secure is Donald Trump’ Says Biden

‘Only Reason Border Not Secure is Donald Trump’ Says Biden  $118 billion “border security” bill that sends the bulk of funding to Ukraine and Israel

Joe Biden has attacked Donald Trump and his Republican allies for opposing the Senate border bill.

He even claimed they were responsible for the collapsed open border.

Arriving an hour and a half later than scheduled to deliver remarks at the White House on Tuesday, Biden slammed Congressional Republicans for opposing the Senate’s $118 billion “border security” bill that sends the bulk of funding to Ukraine and Israel.

Biden went on to declare: “Every day between now and November, the American people are going to know that the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump”

Infowars reports: In the beginning of his speech, Biden admitted that the “immigration system has been broken and it’s long past time to fix it,” despite his administration previously insisting for years that the border has been “secure” and that there is no crisis at the border.

Biden in his garbled style also argued that the failure to pass the Senate’s so-called “border security” bill would mean a victory for….Russian President Vladimir Putin?

“We can’t walk away now, that’s what Putin is betting on,” Biden said.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Biden also called for mass amnesty of illegal aliens.

“We still need a path of documentation for those who are already here! And we’re not walking away from true immigration reform, including permanent protections and a pathway to citizenship for young DREAMers who came here when they were children,” Biden said.

Trump blasted the border bill Monday, noting it does nothing to secure the border and even allows 5,000 illegal aliens to cross into the U.S. per day.

“Only a fool, or a Radical Left Democrat, would vote for this horrendous Border Bill, which only gives Shutdown Authority after 5000 Encounters a day, when we already have the right to CLOSE THE BORDER NOW, which must be done. This Bill is a great gift to the Democrats, and a Death Wish for The Republican Party,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“It takes the HORRIBLE JOB the Democrats have done on Immigration and the Border, absolves them, and puts it all squarely on the shoulders of Republicans. Don’t be STUPID!!! We need a separate Border and Immigration Bill. It should not be tied to foreign aid in any way, shape, or form! The Democrats broke Immigration and the Border. They should fix it. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

Biden’s bold-faced lies on this topic easily collapse under the slightest scrutiny.