Captured Hamas Terrorist Reveals Horrific Reason They Kidnapped Women – WATCH

Captured Hamas Terrorist Reveals Horrific Reason They Kidnapped Women – WATCH

A Hamas terrorist captured by Israel revealed the reason why they committed the brutal atrocities against the country’s women after they kidnapped them.

In a newly released video, the terrorist, who appears unharmed, is questioned by Israeli investigators.

“What did they want to do with them?” the questioner asks.

“To have their way with them,” the terrorist answers.

“What does that mean, ‘Have your way with them?” the questioner presses. “Talk!”

“I don’t want to talk,” the terrorist replies.

“Talk,” the questioner orders.

“What did they want to do with them?”

“Dirty them. To rape them,” the terrorist admits.


The news surrounding the barbarity of the Hamas terrorists continues to dominate the headlines.

According to reports, Israeli military forces discovered at least 40 babies that were brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists in a kibbutz in southern Israel

Israeli-based i24 News correspondent Nicole Zedec said it was “hard to even explain exactly the mass casualties that happened right here.”

“It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield. It’s a massacre,” he said.

“You see the babies, the mother, the father, in their bedrooms, in their protection rooms, and how the terrorists killed them,” said IDF Major General Itai Veruv.

“It’s something we used to imagine from our grandmothers, grandfathers in pogroms in Europe and other places.”

French journalist Margot Haddad also confirmed reports of Hamas murdering and even beheading children under 2 years old.

“That’s it, the information is out. It’s so macabre that no one wanted to reveal it until they had 100% confirmation,” Haddad wrote.

“Infants and children under 2 years old were beheaded by Hamas in the Kibbutz of Kfar Aza.”

“It is a horror, a massacre.”

“For those asking for the source. [There] are multiple: Israeli army, internal intelligence service and atrocious images which reached me and which I was able to cross-check.”

“But the best source remains this: courageous journalists from the foreign press who were able to see/agreed to see with their own eyes the bodies in Kfar Aza.”