WHO Planning to Enslave Public with ‘Global Health Dictatorship’

WHO Planning to Enslave Public with ‘Global Health Dictatorship’  WEF UN

The World Health Organization (WHO) is plotting with the United Nations (UN) and World Economic Forum (WEF) to enslave the public by ushering in a “global health dictatorship.”

In order to prevent a repeat of COVID-19 – or so they claim – the power brokers at the UN, the WEF, and the WHO are busy scheming up a final solution for humanity.

The plan is complete with a long-envisioned “global health dictatorship” that is now within the realm of possibility as a direct result of the pandemic.

Now that the world has been fully primed for all-encompassing health fascism, the UN and the WHO are putting the final touch on the globalist WEF’s long-awaited endgame for the planet.

The move puts them in charge of everything, and us either in slavery or the incinerators.

At a recent UN-WHO gathering, called “Creating and maintaining political momentum and Solidary for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response,” a milestone was achieved in that the world’s globalist overlords are all in agreement that there is an “urgent drive to make all people of the world safer and better protected from the devastating impacts of pandemics,” to quote WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“I welcome this commitment by world leaders to provide the political support and direction needed so that WHO, governments, and all involved can protect people’s health and take concrete steps towards investing in local capacities, ensuring equity, and supporting the global emergency health architecture that the world needs.”

It is unknown at the current time how many world leaders and heads of state are fully on board with newly approved WHO documents, including the majorly revised International Health Regulations (IHR), which also includes the so-called Pandemic Treaty.

We are told that there have been 90 points of revision in the IHR thus far.

Once complete, the blueprint for global enslavement will be rammed through the next World Health Assembly (WHA) gathering, scheduled for May 2024.

Once this occurs, the IHR will become effective and binding for all UN members without a vote.

Since all of these meetings are taking place behind closed doors, we are only getting bits and pieces of the full agenda.

Much of what is being reported about the IHR and the Pandemic Treaty seems to be coming from patchwork analyses that center around the revelations contained in the documents in question, as well as in their revisions.

Everything going on in secret right now will eventually dovetail with the UN’s Agenda 2030 – and, as the Bible reveals, everything going on in secret will eventually be made manifest for the world to see, damning those involved in scheming it all in darkness.