Senior Hamas Official Admits on Air Israel Invasion Had Been Planned for Years

Senior Hamas Official Admits on Air Israel Invasion Had Been Planned for Years

A senior Hamas official stated that the Israeli attacks had been plotted for years under the guise of administering Gaza.

Senior Hamas official Ali Baraka made the admission during an interview on Russian state television.

“In the past couple of years, Hamas has adopted a ‘rational’ approach. It did not go into any war and did not join the Islamic Jihad in its recent battle,” Baraka said on Russia Today TV on Oct. 8.

“But all this was part of Hamas’s strategy in preparing for this attack,” the interviewer interjected.

“Of course,” Baraka said.

“We made them think that Hamas was busy with governing Gaza, and that it wanted to focus on the 2.5 million Palestinians [in Gaza], and has abandoned the resistance altogether,” he confessed.

“All the while, under the table, Hamas was preparing for this big attack,” Baraka continued. “The rockets of the resistance cover all of Palestine. Where would [Netanyahu] take [the Israelis who were attacked]? To Tel Aviv? We bombed Tel Aviv on the very first day of the attack. Does he want to take them to the Galilee? The northern front – with Lebanon – has opened today. The Galilee is no longer safe for the Zionist enemy. We can bomb the Galilee from inside occupied Palestine.”

“The Israelis are known to love life. We, on the other hand, sacrifice ourselves. We consider our dead to be martyrs. The thing any Palestinian desires the most is to be martyred for the sake of Allah, defending his land,” he continued. “We have been preparing for this for two years. We have local factories for everything. We have rockets with ranges of 250 kilometers, 160 kilometers, 80 kilometers, 45 kilometers and 10 kilometers.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute, a non-profit press monitoring and analysis organization co-founded by a former Israeli military intelligence officer and an Israeli-American political scientist, translated the interview.

After Hamas launched a surprise attack on Saturday, Israeli intelligence and U.S. intelligence have come under fire for missing the warning signs.

Since then, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war, launching airstrikes against Gaza and preparing for a future ground operation.

During the interview, Baraka stated that only a handful of Hamas officials were privy to the scheduling and specifics. This further raises questions about the current lack of U.S. intelligence indicating Iran’s complicity in the Israeli invasion.

In April 2021, the Biden administration authorized plans to provide Palestinians with $235 million in aid, including $150 million in humanitarian assistance for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and $75 million in economic and development assistance for the West Bank and Gaza.

In 2018, after UNRWA severed ties with the Palestinian Authority, the previous administration, led by Donald Trump, blocked virtually all aid to the organization.

Amid accusations that the Biden administration’s unfreezing of $6 billion to Iran may have freed up the Islamic extremist state to fund terrorist attacks on Israel, there are reports that the United States has a “quiet agreement” with Qatar to prevent Iran from accessing the funds.

On Thursday, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo met with House Democrats on the matter. Fox News was told by sources familiar with the meeting that Adeyemo informed legislators that the United States has a secret agreement with Qatar not to transfer any of the $6 billion in unfrozen funds to Iran for an indefinite period of time.

In 2022, the White House announced $316 million in support for Palestine. A chunk of $201 million went to The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, or UNRWA, to provide refugee services in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, and other countries.

Trump ended the decades-long assistance in 2018, which critics at the time argued was decided to place pressure on Palestinians to reach a peace agreement with Israelis. The action blew a hole in the agency’s budget, as the United States accounts for approximately 30 percent of its funding. Since the beginning of 2021, the Biden administration has provided a total of $618 million in aid.

Here is an example of what is being taught at UNWRA schools.