Owen Shroyer’s Lawyer Sounds Alarm as InfoWars Host Disappears into ‘Black Hole’

Owen Shroyer’s Lawyer Sounds Alarm as InfoWars Host Disappears into ‘Black Hole’

Owen Shroyer’s lawyer, Norm Pattis, says the InfoWars host has disappeared into a ‘blackhole’ since he was sentenced to two months in prison for his alleged role during the January 6 protest.

An update posted on his X, formerly Twitter, account reads:

“Owen will remain in solitary confinement until 11/28 at the earliest. At that time his normal privileges will be reinstated. For now he is only able to communicate via mail. Despite 23 hours a day of lockdown, he remains in good spirits. ‘I’m as mentally strong as ever.’”

Speaking with InfoWars, Pattis said:

“I sent a note to the prison to find out what was going on; they wrote back immediately saying, ‘As soon as we find someone to address this, we’ll get back to you,’ but they never got back to me.”

“A week passes, and I ask the prison if I’m going to get an answer; they respond by saying they need to ‘confirm who you are, please send us your bar card,’” he said.

“I send them a copy of my bar card, but that’s not enough. Then they ask to see my driver’s license. I send them that, but that’s still not enough.”

“I’ve never been treated in such an Orwellian fashion by a prison system,” Pattis added.

Owen Shroyer’s lawyer even called out to Speak Mike Johnson to help find out if the InfoWars host was okay.

Shroyer’s X account said he went “several weeks” without speaking to his lawyer.

Shroyer was taken to solitary following the publishing of a “statement from prison” recording of a phone call made by Shroyer to the account on October 31.

Shroyer said he hoped to “pull the impossible” and host his radio show from inside the federal prison.

Pattis also told Newsweek that Shroyer “is apparently once again being punished for speech.”

“I’ve reached out to prison officials for an explanation. Silence. I’m calling on Speaker Mike Johnson to intervene. The Oakdale prison is in his district.”

Shroyer was placed in solitary because of a “coronavirus intake protocol.”

The InfoWars host also received support from Donald Trump Jr., who posted on X:

“Is anyone watching how they treat their enemies? Not violent criminals, those people are treated with dignity and respect, but simply those who would speak up loudly against the regime? This is dystopian behavior and the govt’s unfettered power must be put in check now!”

“Owen Shroyer is being extremely mistreated in prison. None of this is justified,” conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong wrote on X.