California Strips Homeowner of Gun Permit after Defending His Family from Robber

California Strips Homeowner of Gun Permit after Defending His Family from Robber

A homeowner in Los Angeles, California, has been stripped of his concealed carry gun permit by the state after he used a firearm to fend off would-be robbers at his home.

L.A. resident and married father of one Vince Ricci expressed outrage after liberal California decided to punish him for defending his family.

“After successfully defending my home and my family and my 5-month-old child, California has now decided to suspend my Second Amendment [rights],” Vince Ricci said in a video for the NRA via Fox News.

Ricci said the sheriff’s office called him to inform him his concealed carry permit was “revoked,” which they said was due to him “yelling” at Los Angeles police officers when they arrived to investigate the shooting three days after the incident took place.

Ricci said the LAPD carried out “sloppy police” work, including failing to pick up casings scattered near his home as evidence.

A gunfight broke out just outside Ricci’s home on Nov. 4, just after he returned to his gated Los Angeles house.

Two armed men tried to force their way into the house as Ricci entered his door.

Ricci’s wife, his 5-month-old daughter, and the family’s nanny were inside the house during the time of the attack.

Obtaining a concealed carry permit in California has become very difficult compared to other states.

Ricci used his firearm on his private property.

California law allows legal U.S. residents over 18 to carry firearms on private property without a permit or license.

Ricci said the shooting was a clear self-defense case because two men were “pointing guns at my chest.”

“My situation is unique because it happened at my front door, all on camera. But this happens time and time again all over the country … People sweep it under the rug because it doesn’t behoove their political agenda. The fact is, evil will always exist,” he said.

As Fox News reportedRicci said that this wasn’t the first time he’s been targeted by criminals. His home was broken into in June, and his car was broken into just months before that.

He said a group of criminals were targeting other homes in his neighborhood, that they were driving a Dodge Charger with no license plate and had broken into his neighbor’s house the night prior to the shoot-out.

The NRA said the organization is “proud to have Vince as a fellow NRA member” and called the revocation of his CCW “reprehensible.”

“His decisive actions to protect his wife and daughter embody the core principles that NRA members fight for every day,” NRA spokesperson Billy McLaughlin said in a statement.

“It’s reprehensible that California is shredding his Second Amendment rights after he defended his family.”

“Governor [Gavin] Newsom and [Los Angeles County District Attorney George] Gascon’s pro-criminal policies have transformed Los Angeles and the wider state into what resembles a war zone. The NRA stands with Vince and every responsible gun owner in California, firmly committed to defending their rights to protect their families and communities.”

Speaking to the NRA, Ricci compared Los Angeles to a “war zone” and slammed left-wing local leaders for failing to carry out the full extent of the law on violent criminals.

“I used to walk into this house and see this beautiful house that I built for my family, and now I walk into a war zone … Right here in L.A., an innocent L.A. father was killed because District Attorney Gascon released a violent criminal back into the streets. And this is just one of the dozens of cases right here in this city,” he said.

The owner of Beverly Hills Guns, located in the ritzy Los Angeles County city, told Fox News Digital that Ricci’s case is a clear-cut example of a legally armed man exercising his Second Amendment right to protect himself and young family on his private property.

The owner of Beverly Hills Guns says Ricci’s case is a clear example of a legally armed man exercising his Second Amendment right to protect himself and his family.

“The bottom line is that this is a man who defended himself on his own property with a gun that was legally owned by himself,” Russell Stuart told Fox News.

Stuart said Los Angeles’ criminals of 2023 don’t think twice about using loaded weapons on law-abiding citizens.

“Now, these people are coming heavily armed with fully loaded weapons. And as the evidence shows, they are prepared and will, and did, use them. So, this man had to defend his family, had to defend himself. He was on his own property against armed assailants,” he said.

Ricci said his Second Amendment rights are now “in jeopardy” thanks to left-wing California politicians.

“When the incident happened, there were only two things I could rely on: myself and the Second Amendment; and now that’s in jeopardy. The leftist gun grabbers do not care about your safety. The NRA does,” he said.