Illegal Alien Convicted of Raping 5-Year-Old Found Living on Martha’s Vineyard

Illegal Alien Convicted of Raping 5-Year-Old Found Living on Martha’s Vineyard  cardosa

A convicted child rapist from Brazil, an illegal alien, was found residing on Martha’s Vineyard, the elite island off the coast of Massachusetts, after managing to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

Saulo Cardosa, a 37-year-old illegal alien from Brazil, was arrested on Martha’s Vineyard by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents this month, according to Ted Daniel with Boston 25 News.

In May 2019, Cardosa was convicted of raping a five-year-old child in Brazil and subsequently sentenced to 14 years in prison.

After his conviction, Cardosa fled to the United States by illegally crossing the nation’s porous southern border, where millions of “got-aways” enter undetected by Border Patrol every year.

International authorities eventually alerted ICE agents that Cardosa might be residing in the United States as an illegal alien, leading to the initiation of an investigation.

ICE agents ultimately discovered Cardosa living on Martha’s Vineyard and arrested him.

Cardosa is currently in the custody of ICE awaiting deportation to Brazil.

The case comes as the latest Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data reveals that 6.5 million illegal aliens have been encountered at the United States–Mexico border since President Joe Biden took office. Nearly two million of whom are known “got-aways” who likely remain in the country.

According to Boston 25 News, another illegal alien, 52-year-old Joshua Wright of Jamaica, was arrested by ICE agents after he entered on a visa in July 2020 but overstayed.

Wright has been charged with two counts of rape and one count of assault/attempted rape in Massachusetts.