Europe and the United States deny an invasion is happening


California Sheriff have been completely ignored by Governor Gavin Newsome.

The same situation exists in New Mexico. In Arizona they fight over corruption. In Texas the Governor is handicapped in more ways than one. These four States was all the enemy needed to control to let in the army. Sheriff, time to start making Deputies because we have to start taking our country back. Our Government is in violation of the US Constitution’s very first paragraph that ordains them the right to rule us.

Our General Welfare and Posterity have not been addressed for We The People and as such the 535 members of Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches are hereby relieved of Duty. We shall hold a Constitutional Convention and hold elections for every office with new established term limits to prevent the unanimous Dereliction of Duty that has been observed by every US Citizen 🇺🇸 and Citizens of every country we have attacked through these 535 United business criminal politicians.

It would be nice if we could stand united by this to take our country back. However, to stop us from trying, they’ve opened up the flood gates from these States, so we drowned divided by sheer numbers. Each ideal is now a minority and through that our country is diminished. That’s what I think of when I watch this video from the California Sheriff’s Association. Your Colonel Chris Sanders of the American News Network and Major News Network