Terrible, Horrible Images Emerge Of Islamic Carnage in Israel

Terrible, Horrible Images Emerge Of Islamic Carnage in Israel

As thousands of missiles were fired into Israel from Gaza, around one thousand Hamas terrorists stormed across the border fence and attacked communities in towns, villages and kibbutzim across the south of the country. 

Their aim was the mass murder of Israeli civilians. They went from house to house slaughtering the occupants and burning down their homes. 

They gunned people down in their cars; they killed elderly men and women and small children; they hacked one Israeli to death with an axe. At an open-air music festival, armed paragliders mowed down at least 260 young people who were raked with gunfire as they ran for their lives. 

Women were raped and burned alive; the bodies of murdered Israelis paraded around Gaza were stripped naked, spat upon and desecrated; babies were slaughtered in front of their parents; mothers with children in their arms were abducted and swallowed up with others in Gaza’s subterranean infrastructure of terror tunnels to be used as hostages. Their likely fate is unthinkable.  

Heartbreaking images are now seared forever into the mind: an elderly, terrified Holocaust survivor being abducted into Gaza without the medication needed to keep her alive; a small Jewish child, alone and bewildered, being tormented on a Gaza street by Palestinian children who are all taught to hate and murder Jews.

Israel has been at war many times. It has experienced many terrorist atrocities and many thousands of rocket attacks.

This was something different. Barbarism and depravity against Jews on this scale hasn’t been experienced since the Holocaust. 

They raped the women then they burned them alive. Take a good look at this. And then take a look around and see what professors, which student groups, what members of Congress are justifying this. And get them out of America. Because they would support the rape and murder of your daughter, too. This is not just about Israel. This is about pro terror and terror affiliated groups around the world justifying this so that they can come after us as well. This is not about land. This is a theological war.

They raped the women then they burned them alive