WEF Orders Global Water Rationing To Starve BILLIONS Into Submission 

WEF Orders Global Water Rationing To Starve BILLIONS Into Submission

The World Economic Forum and the U.N. have ordered world governments to prepare to ration people’s water supply as part of their ‘Great Reset’ agenda for humanity.

According to the globalist elite, water is not a human right and the world’s water supplies must be privatized and controlled by the elite to hold humanity to ransom.

The elites have long set their sights on seizing control of the water supply and now they are making their move. But there is just one problem with their plan. The people are waking up and we are not going to allow the elite to turn the world into a prison planet.

The latest footage out of Davos reveals the global elite have admitted the Covid pandemic was a failure because the people of the world refused to be terrified into submission.

WEF Agenda Contributer Mariana Mazzucato admitted the global elite failed miserably in their attempt to “force jab” every last person on earth with mRNA. She also admitted that people are proving resistant to the elite’s efforts to brainwash them with climate change fear-mongering.

The global elite are planning to weaponize water against humanity, holding them to ransom with something “every kid understands” … because according to Mazzucato, we were too dumb to fall for the climate change scam.

Did you catch that? Maazucato admits the elite are going to “experiment” with humanity again. As though the experimental Covid jabs, which are wreaking havoc on the vaccinated, weren’t enough experimentation for one generation. The elite really do hold us in complete contempt.

The WEF failed to control humanity with a bio-engineered virus, failed to control humanity with the lie that the planet is dying, and is now targeting water as a means of imposing its world government agenda.

According to Mazzucato, the elite have been failing miserably because people are rejecting their agenda, and this means the global elite must move onto phase three of their plan to brainwash humanity into sleepwalking into their own subjugation.

The World Economic Forum is teaming up with the UN to set its sights on seizing control of the world’s water supplies and holding humanity to ransom.

According to the WEF and UN, world governments must prepare to ration people’s water supply and turn off the taps as part of their ‘Great Reset’ agenda for humanity.

As Mazzucato said in her WEF presentation, turning off the taps will get people’s attention.

The globalist organizations hosted a conference on water in New York this year as part of the UNquest to accomplish its 17 sustainable development goals, a list of goals that if fully enacted, will give the globalist elites total control over all human activities by 2030.

Just as the Paris Agreement promised an end to pollution, now this water treaty will no doubt promise an end to thirst. Yes, an end to thirst — so long as humans of the world unite and abide by all of the coming WEF water dictates.

The UN plans to protect and regulate water that’s used for bathing, water that’s used for developments, water that’s home to sea life, and water that’s used for transportation. The up-and-coming controls will focus on residential limits to water usage, and costly increases to access that water; on bans on agricultural usage, and costly increases on farmers; on strict controls on the types and numbers of ships that can sail the seas and rivers and channels, and costly increases for this form of transportation.

Then will come the offset demands — as with carbon offsets, the WEF water czars will demands trades of activities to offset the supposed pollution of the waterways.

So much for jet skiing. So much for fishing on the weekends with the family. It’ll be too expensive — and tightly regulated.

“Natural resources crises, including for water and food, come within the top 10 biggest risks facing humanity in the coming decade,” the WEF wrote.

The hysteria is in place. The hysterical claims are heating up the mainstream media. 

“[A]s global warming continues to take effect, ordinary weather is becoming a thing of the past, exacerbating our water crisis,” the World Economic Forum wrote.

There you have it. The double-whammy of climate alarmism and a water crisis: Let the fear go forth.

“It’s clear that we need to rethink our approach to how we can best allocate and value water,” the World Economic Forum wrote. “How can we share the cost of preventing or mitigating droughts and floods exacerbated by global warming?”

It’s a question the global bureaucrats want to be answered this way: by turning over all human activity to the control of the United Nations and its select stakeholders in global politics.

This is where this water conference is leading. The globalists won’t quit until they grab all power from all people across all the nations — even if they have to do it one drop at a time.

The elites have been working to seize control of the water supply for generations. Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe admitted as much during a disturbing interview during which he inadvertently exposed the psychopathic mindset of the elite.

At a time when inflation has gone double-digit, food production plants are burning down, the supply chain is in crisis, and food shortages are on the horizon, we now understand that the elites are making moves behind the scenes to seize control of the planet’s water.

So, is water a free and basic human right, or should all the water on the planet belong to major corporations and the elite?

Should the poor who cannot afford to pay these so-called “water offsets” be forced to allow the state to euthanize them because of their lack of financial wealth?

That is the future of humanity according to the global elites.

As ever, the mainstream media would like you to believe it’s all a coincidence. But dots are connecting. The people are waking up. The global elite are conspiring against humanity and they must be stopped. This is the true story the media are not allowed to tell.