U.S. Weapons Left in Afghanistan In The Hands Muslim Terrorists in Israel

U.S. Weapons Left in Afghanistan In The Hands Muslim Terrorists in Israel

Stolen elections have terrible consequences. The IS has become a force for evil.

Weapons left by the US in Afghanistan reached the hands of Palestinian militants.

A high-ranking Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander said that US weapons left in Afghanistan were found in the hands of Palestinian groups active in the Gaza Strip.

A Pentagon report following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 said that $7 billion worth of military equipments given to the previous Afghan government fell into the hands of the Taliban.

The weapons have also become a source of revenue for Taliban commanders who compete to sell and smuggle them out of Afghanistan.

Hers’ the latest update on the war on Israel:

  • The death toll continues to rise and now stands at 700! This includes some 70 IDF soldiers (men and women) who gave their lives to protect the people of Israel and fighting Hamas terrorists.
  • The number of injured and wounded also continues to rise and is now at 2,200.
  • Throughout the day Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel at civilian targets.
  • The Israeli air force struck at over 450 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip causing significant damage to military infrastructure and killing over 300 terrorists. However, Hamas leadership remains unharmed as they hide in deep bunkers to avoid justice.
  • Pockets of Hamas terrorists still remain in Israel and the IDF is searching every square meter to locate and kill them. Although no official figures have been released, it is estimated that Israel has captured dozens of terrorists and killed many more.
  • Hamas still refuses to release any information regarding the hostages it has taken. The only source of information are video clips released by individual terrorists of captured Israelis. Among the clips is one showing an 85 year old grandmother as she is driven through the streets of Gaza. She shows no fear, sits straight and proud. She was identified by her granddaughter who said that she was one of the original founders of Kibbutz Kfar Aza and is made of granite. Another clip shows a woman sitting in a jeep with two children as she is being poked by passers by and the children being bullied by Palestinian children. They were identified by a resident of Sderot as his wife and two daughters, aged 3 and 5.
  • Tensions are rising in the north following the Hezbollah shelling of an Israeli outpost near Metulla. Northern Command says that they are prepared for any eventuality. The Minister of Defence, Yoav Gallant has said that all settlements within 5 Km. of the border should be evacuated as a preventative measure.
  • In the south, the IDF has begun evacuating non-essential people from settlements 4 Km. or less from the border with Gaza. This will give the IDF greater freedom of action when it launches its campaign against the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. Those remaining will operate essential services.