Beach vendors in Pattaya will soon be forbidden to sell alcohol it has been reported.

Approximately 50 beach chair vendors across Pattaya and Jomtien beaches have been informed, they will no longer be permitted to trade in booze as the authorities seek to clean up the city’s image.

Big brother announces the no alcohol policy and had a woman display the apron beach vendors are required to wear.

Other rule changes will see vendors having to wear aprons, not sublease their deckchair business to others and must submit an annual bid for their plot.

It is believed that the moves are to enhance the beach areas during the International Fleet Show, which commences in November. The powers that be wish to project a favourable image of Pattaya during the significant event.

So from October, beach goers will be unable to purchase alcohol whilst renting a deckchair, meaning they will having to cross the road and visit one of the bars.

Good news for the bar owners of course but the news will certainly have an adverse effect on the beach vendors income.