Drinking ‘in moderation’ on beach still ok, says Patong police chief


Drinking ‘in moderation’ on beach still ok, says Patong police chiefPhuket police have said drinking beer on Patong Beach is still permitted, despite recent rumors that booze had been banned.

The Phuket News reported that although some beachgoers said vendors had told them there was a new ban on alcohol, Kathu Police Chief Col Chaiwat Uikum said drinking “in moderation” on the beach was acceptable.

“Selling alcohol on public land — including the beach — is illegal, but we will not take any action against people drinking alcohol in moderation on Patong Beach,” he said.

One beachgoer had previously told the newspaper: “Two vendors on the beach told us that they were not allowed to sell alcohol anymore.

“They said the military had ordered the ban and that anyone found drinking alcohol on the beach would be arrested and fined.”

The unnamed beachgoer said the beach rules were unclear, with some regulations enforced rigidly and others less so.

“Tourists are not sure what we can do — and cannot do — anymore. It’s terrible, as this can stop a lot of people from coming to Phuket,” he said.