It was reported that nothing much had changed on the beach scene following this week’s announcement that starting next month smoking would be banned on beaches in Pattaya. 

In the announcement fines of up to 100,000 baht and or a year in prison was stated for those caught smoking on beaches. 

Saranya Yingyortram, 33, a beach chair vendor spoke to the media stating that no one had officially told them of the new order and that many of the other vendors were concerned of the punishments being spoken of.

She said that she hopes a PR campaign would happen before the ban comes into place to warn both tourists and locals of the new rules and that proper signs would be put in place to warn all beach goers.

Phatrajit Chiawkit, also a deck chair vendor has begun handing out ashtrays and warning customers of the impending rule changes.

The punishments for those caught disobeying the new law are more substantial as environmental damage legislation is being used to inforce the law which carries higher penalties.

Source : Manager online