Guest friendly hotels Patong 2024 update: What’s new in 2017? There are still no 5-star guest friendly hotels in Patong within walking distance to Bangla road. They don’t allow visitors or charge high joiner fees: 1000-2000+ baht. Almost all 4-star hotels in the area are not guest friendly too. The Royal Paradise hotel is not guest friendly anymore. It was guest friendly at the time of my visit but I received a new email from the staff. They charge 1000 baht joiner fee. Byd Lofts is the only option for a 4-star guest friendly hotel in Patong, close to Bangla. One excellent mid-range hotel almost at the Patong beach and very close to Bangla road – Ella Bed hotel, number 7 below. I would add Coconut village resort to the mid-range hotels list but the hotel was fully booked at the time of my visit and I couldn’t take new photos. They don’t charge joiner fees anymore if you book a room for two people, info from the reception. I found an excellent cheap option, close to the action – Hacienda Resort, number 8 on my list below.

All best guest friendly hotels Patong below are located within walking distance to Bangla road, the center of Phuket’s nightlife and Patong beach. Many hotels in Patong are not guest friendly. Some hotels charge a high joiner fee or have a strict “no guests allowed” policy. The location is also very important in Patong. There is a tuk tuk mafia and the tuk tuks charge 200 or more baht even for a short distance. To avoid disappointment, follow the two golden rules:

  1. Always book a room for two people.
  2. Make sure your guest has an ID.