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Your Guide to the Guest Friendly Hotels in Chiang Mai

Where is the action at in Chiang Mai?

Your best bet while in Chiang Mai is to hit the Chiang Mai Entertainment Center about 200 meters west of Chanklan road. It features around 30 bars with pool tables, loud music and pretty girls with on average 3 to 4 girls working in each bar. On most nights the total complex has about 80 bargirls and about 20 bar patrons. From here you can also venture further up and around the Loi Kroh strip until the Thapae Gate at the moat junction to find various clusters of girlie bars, go-go’s, massage joints and the likes.

Your Guide to the Guest Friendly Hotels in Chiang Mai

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When you think you might want to bring back a guest back with you to your room, it is essential that you choose the proper accommodation before arriving in Chiang Mai. The following hotels stated in my list are all known for being guest friendly / girl friendly / bargirl friendly so you won’t experience any hassles refusals or joiners fee when bringing back a companion with you.