Hi, I’ve read many of your posts, but couldn’t find something about getting a girl/bargirl to accompany me for more than a day, actually for 1 or 2 weeks of my trip to Thailand (this august).

Of course, everything can happen, but do you think it’s likely to happen? (I’ll land in Bangkok and fly to Samui a few days later, so would a Bangkok worker agree to follow me or is it too much.. ?)


Thanks for your question.

I guess we haven’t covered this yet on our website. However, this is great option for those who are traveling alone or want a bedside traveling companion. And the best part is, this is very easy to accomplish.

First off, words of warning:

Do not take a girl with you on a trip unless you have spent at least one day with her. While some bar girls / gogo dancers are fun during the night when you have them behind closed doors. They can also be super annoying and lazy during the day. (As with all women.) Which can potential ruin your trip or give unnecessary drama.

But you’ll find that a majority of bar girls and dancers are fun to hang around. They love to party, dance, and fuck. Great characteristics for a traveling buddy. 

Do Many People Do This?

I always recommend, don’t fall for the first Thai girl you sleep with. There are thousands of other attractive Thai girls waiting for you. However, after you’ve had your share in Bangkok and found one that you enjoy, there is nothing wrong with taking her with you.

(Especially if you can confirm beforehand that she is into threesomes. If so, this will make your trip far more pleasurable. Hunting for a new girl that you and your “girlfriend” can fuck together is an experience that makes life worth living.)

Taking a girl with you from Bangkok or Pattaya is very common. I have many friends that always stop in Pattaya for a couple of days before traveling to the islands for a laidback holiday. The fact is, the hottest looking bar girls / dancers are in Pattaya. So if you want to travel with a perfect 9, this is where to start. (Although Bangkok isn’t too shabby either.)

How To Do This?

1- Find a girl that you enjoy being with.
Which means, once you find her at a bar / club and she passes the “sex test” that night, spend the next day with her. Is spending time with her during the day entertaining and enjoyable? Did she wake you up with a blowjob soaking wet? Or is she boring and distant in the morning?

2- Find out when her next period is.
You don’t want “bloody mary” to come and spoil the fun. Been there, done that, and it just gets too messy for my taste.

3- Negotiate.
As you probably already know, bar girls have two fees: Bar Fine and the Cost of Sex.

There is nothing you can do about the bar fine. You’ll have to pay that. If you find her at a bar, the bar fine is usually 300 baht (10usd) a day. If you find her at a GoGo dance club, the bar fine will be between 600 and 1000 baht (18 – 30usd) a day.

When it comes down to the sex charge, this can vary greatly depending on you and the girl. If she is a hardcore professional wanting full price, something like 4000 baht a day, you’re probably better off finding a different girl. (Even if money is not an issue for you, her not willing to negotiate on the price is a sign that future drama and boredom could be in your future.)

Your target price will be between free and 1000 baht a day. Make it clear that you will pay for travel both ways, food, drinking, partying, etc…

Most Thai bar girls simply want to have fun and make a little money.

Bangkok to Samui?

Unless you’ve been to Samui before and fucked your way through all the girls, I’d hold off on bringing a girl from Bangkok. Samui is full of bar girls that love foreigners.

Also consider the cost of the flight. Flying from Bangkok to Samui is the most expensive flight in Thailand. About 4000 – 5000 baht (120 – 150usd) each way per person.

So if you’ve never been to Samui before, I’d recommend coming without a girl. You can easily find a new one at Soi Reggae, the main bar street in Chaweng.

When Do I Recommend Traveling With a Bar Girl?

1- If you’re an experienced Thai traveler and have been here before. Then you know what to expect from each location and if the girls are your type. As mentioned, many guys who have stayed in Thailand a while, will take a girl from Pattaya when they want to go checkout other parts of Thailand.

2- If you are in Phuket, don’t like white girls, and want to go to Phi Phi Islands.

3- If you are in Samui and want to go checkout Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.

4- If you want to travel north Thailand with a girl. Take one from Bangkok.

Hope this helps and enjoy your time in Paradise!