Pattaya Water Park


Pattaya Water Park at Pattaya Park Beach Resort

Pattaya might be situated right on the most stunning beach, but sometimes one is just in the mood for water of a different sort.


Besides, although beaches do have their own natural charm, no beach can compare to the kind of fun and excitement a water park offers. Pattaya Water Park is the place to spend a hot day cooling down in the refreshing water, going down fun slides and having a great time.


This is one of the most popular Pattaya holiday activities.Pattaya water park is in fact right next to the sea, making for convenient access to many hotels and guesthouses and providing a nice and nearby alternative to those not in the mood for the beach. Inside, you’ll find its well catered for with a restaurant, food stalls and poolside bars, meaning that this day-trip requires little planning, no fuss and all the fun.


Pattaya Water Park is located in between Pattaya and Jomtien beaches, and with an admission charge of only 100 baht, the park represents great value for money. It has onsite parking for those making their own way, and is also easily reachable from anywhere in Pattaya by taxi or Songtheaw.


Pattaya Family Holiday

In addition to the slides and the pool, one unique attraction that differentiates Pattaya Water Park from similar water parks that can be found the world over is the nearby tower. The tower is actually reachable from the beach by a cable car route, which is an experience unto itself. If you are taking a Pattaya Family Holiday, visiting Pattaya Water Park is a must.


It certainly offers some of the best views of Pattaya, and is a fun way to get the lay of the land. Once at the top, however, the real fun begins, and adventurous souls can leap down to the park below. The drop is quite long so those with a fear of heights should stay away! Guests at the Pattaya Water Park will be strapped to a harness throughout the flight and park staff are on hand to make sure everything is on the up and up in terms of safety and to release the harness at the end of the experience. This is definitely one for the daredevils, though if you are brave enough you’ll be able to feel the nice breeze against your face whilst enjoying some spectacular views across Pattaya.

Once at the top of the tower, around 50 floors up, the panoramic views of Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach and across the Gulf of Thailand are quite spectacular. Inclusive of the cable car ticket up (200-300 Baht) is also some light refreshments inside the tower. If you’re feeling like more than a few refreshments, there is a revolving restaurant located higher up, which usually does buffet lunches for around 500-600 Baht. Those who are enticed but the gigantic Pattaya Tower but want to skip the cable ride can always take the building elevator up to the top.