Water Park Cartoon Network Amazone in Pattaya


New Water Park In Pattaya 

Pattaya is famous for all kinds of entertainment, for all groups and ages. Pattaya consists of many new theme parks awaiting to entertain its tourists, including the Cartoon Network Amazone. This water park looks entertaining and adventurous, both kids and grownups should not miss out. Many families have already chosen to visit here on their next annual trip.

Water Park Cartoon Network Amazone in Pattaya

Cartoon Network Amazone

This water park is brand-new in Pattaya and is highly popular seeing from massive number of local and foreign tourists who line up in a queue to buy tickets. 

The water park is clearly allocated into zones, Each zone has a different theme relating to world famous cartoon characters. This  is the first and only cartoon themed water park in Pattaya. 


This zone is created for all young kids who love slides, tubes and fountains. Which will create a new experience for them. Having fun with more than 150 kid-adventures ( stages/bases/points) Don’t forget to run away from the Ben 10 Tank that will splash your kids all over in no time!

Mega Wave

If you cannot imagine what Mega Wave looks like, try closing your eyes, picturing a white sandy beach and listening to surfs that’s exactly how it is. Huge waves are moving towards the shore where you can enjoy riding the waves or sunbathing on the shore. It really is a fantastic experience.

The Omniverse

The so-called Ben 10 watch-like alien device, Omnitrix, may instantly stop your heartbeats with the world’s fastest

 slide parting from a 77-foot-tall tower. If that doesn’t thrill you enough, try the g-force vertical free-fall of 57 feet high which will make you scream out loud.

Adventure Zone

The naughty Finn and Jake will take you and your family to the new entertaining wide slide, that makes you feel free, smooth and fun. No matter who you are (a father, a mother or a child), you all can definitely be entertained in this zone.

There are still many more Cartoon Network Amazone attractions that cannot be narrated because of their unique breathtaking qualities. If you are in Pattaya and have not tried this water park, then we strongly recommend that you do.


If you would like to book a trip to this amazing water park, please let our customer care team know about it and we can book your trip for you and even save you money in the process.