Phuket Dino Park Mini-Golf


.Phuket Dino Park Mini-Golf

C.razy Golf in Phuket

For many going on a beach vacation, mini-golf, otherwise known as c.razy golf, has always been a fun way to spend a day or night. At many beaches in North America and Europe mini-golf outlets are ubiquitous in beach towns, but in Asia it is a less common sight. Nevertheless, Phuket’s Dino Park Mini-Golf offers visitors a fun and relaxing experience in a great atmosphere.

Phuket Dino Park Mini-Golf is laid out with a “pre-historic” theme permeating all the structures (think Flintstones). The bar, restaurant, and indeed all the decorations stick to this overall theme and provide guests with a unique environment. The golf course itself is fun and challenging, with plenty of obstacles and unique holes that will leave everyone smiling. It is also filled with dinosaurs, living up to its name! The prices are quite reasonable, at 240 baht for adults and just 180 baht for kids.

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In addition to the golf, the complex also features a restaurant and a bar. The bar gets more popular at night but is pretty quiet during the day. The restaurant has a great selection of Thai and international dishes, including the Dino Burger, which is an enormous hamburger sure to fill even the hungriest mini golfer. Unlike many other burgers in Thailand, the Dino Burger uses very high quality beef and is truly excellent.

The location of Phuket Dino Park Mini-Golf is great for those staying close to Kata or Karon beaches.