5 Best Go-Go Bars in Phuket

Phuket’s Most Popular Go-Go Bars

Go-Go bars in Phuket are a big part of the nightlife scene on the island, with visitors of various ages seeking out the bright neon lights of Bangla Road for a fun and lively night out with friends. Of course, the company of pretty girls wearing very few clothes is also an attraction, and the fact they are always up for a laugh and a joke makes it even better.

The typical layout of a Phuket go-go bar has seating around the edge of the room, where the patrons are joined by some of the staff for a drink (lady drinks usually cost around 220 baht, whereas regular drinks cost around 150 baht) and friendly companionship. These girls each take their turn on the central stage, moving to the music around a chrome pole with varying degrees of rhythm and enthusiasm.

There are good and bad go-go bars in Phuket, and clueless punters can go from well-design bars with friendly staff, sensual shows and surprising talents to dark and dingy hovels where the only talent on show is the ability for the girls on the poles to apparently sleep while standing up. Several of the better places resonate to the sound of spanking with foam bats, which produce a satisfying sound with practically no pain. They’re like a metaphor for Phuket’s go-go bars – it’s all just harmless fun!

Suzy Wong’s
at the very end of Soi Seadragon, on the right hand side

Promising an “ass-smacking good time”, this lively bar at the very end of Soi Seadragon delivers, with countless foam bats and a friendly social atmosphere – kind of like a cheerful local pub, but with fun, scantily-clad ladies and the regular loud thwack of customers and dancers spanking each other. There aren’t many pubs with special sensual dance shows, either. The décor is oriental-themed, as are the uniforms of the efficient waitresses. Add the cowboy hats worn by the girls dancing to rock and pop music on the five poles up on stage and you have the feel of the Wild East of Hong Kong in the 1920s. Being amongst the most popular and best-known bars on Soi Seadragon – as well as being relatively small – it gets busy quite quickly and stays that way through the night.

  • Opening Hours: 19:30 – 03:30
  • Location: 23/17-18 Soi Seadragon, Patong Beach
Harem A Go Go
Soi Seadragon, Patong Beach

Harem A Go Go is one of the best and most luxurious go-go bars in Patong. Built in what used to be Candy Club, it has been completely redesigned to create a tasteful and really comfortable place. The central stage and surrounding platforms are well lit and can accommodate up to 12 girls, many of whom are rather prettier than those of other bars. Despite the plush red velvet sofas, fancy decoration and general appearance of a high-price venue, the drinks prices are the same as any other bars around and entrance is free. The girls are friendly, fun and attentive so it’s a great place to party alone or with friends and, as the Patong go-go scene is actually mostly about fun and partying, couples do frequently visit the place.

  • Opening Hours: 19:30 – 03:30
  • Location: Soi Seadragon, Patong Beach


Devil’s Playground A Go-Go
on the right hand side of Soi Seadragon, Patong Beach

Under the same management as Suzy Wong’s (and sometimes even known as “Suzi Wong’s 2”), this bar is a few doors closer to Bangla Road than its sister venue and shares the same fun vibe, but in a very different way. Unique amongst the go-go bars in Phuket for its exceptional design, both the exterior and interior have a cavern-like look. The traditional chrome poles on the central stage have been creatively replaced with hanging chains for the attractive ladies in angel and demon costumes to dance on. Relative to the size of the venue, however, the main stage and the second one with a mattress on it for more sensual shows are quite small and there is a lot of floor and seating space around them. This creates a casual and more social environment, which the rock music on the impressive sound system helps with.

  • Opening Hours: 19:30 – 03:30
  • Location: 23/4-5 Soi Seadragon, Patong Beach
4 Rock Hard A Go-Go
At the very beginning of Bangla Road, Patong Beach

First opened in its prominent location at the Rat-U-Thit Road end of Soi Bangla (directly opposite Red Hot live music bar) in the early 1990s, this was the first and finest go-go bar in Phuket. It has undergone several evolutions since then and now consists of two beer bars downstairs (which start serving drinks from 14:00) and a go-go bar upstairs. Despite calling itself a “Gentlemen’s Club”, it does not exclude women patrons and, in fact, is one of the best places for ladies looking for a fun night out. The ‘raunch’ level is quite low, compared to Soi Seadragon venues, and the emphasis is on entertainment over explicit content. With two quite big stages in the L-shaped edifice (instead of the more usual one), the girls spend more time performing than getting up-close and personal which, with wet t-shirt shows and a soundtrack of rock classics, is definitely no bad thing and makes Rock Hard a fun introduction to a night on Bangla Road.

  • Opening Hours: 19:30 – 03:30
  • Location: Bangla Road, Patong Beach
Exotica A Go-Go
Soi Seadragon, Patong Beach

One of the first go-go bars you come to when you enter the left-hand side of Soi Seadragon, Exotica is quite hard to miss. Its bright white frontage leads to a light, cool, modern interior with a large central stage. Aside from eight chrome poles, this stage also features a Jacuzzi and an oscillating platform originally designed for weight-loss. Not many of the girls need either a bath or to lose weight, but these two additions to the usual formula do make for some very interesting shows. Aside from occasionally getting shaken or stirred, the girls are friendly and fun and generally make more effort than most to dance in time to the house beats. The bar has a club-like vibe, but remains easy-going and fun.

  • Opening Hours: 19:30 – 03:30
  • Location: 21/3-4 Soi Seadragon, Patong Beach