Covid Shots Were ‘Designed to Kill,’ Top Scientist Warns

Covid Shots Were ‘Designed to Kill,’ Top Scientist Warns  death

A globally celebrated scientist has uncovered explosive evidence to suggest that Covid mRNA shots were developed as a mass depopulation tool, warning they were “designed to kill.”

Professor Denis Rancourt says that not a single life was saved by the Covid vaccines.

However, millions of people around teh world have been injured or killed by the chemical poisons in the injections.

Rancourt and several fellow scientists conducted an analysis of COVID injection data in which they determined that all-cause mortality increased every time another COVID jab was released, whether it was the initial series or a subsequent “booster” shot.

For every 800 injections administered, Rancourt et al. learned that there was at least one jab-related death, as outlined in a 180-page paper they published on the matter.

This one-death-per-800-doses figure becomes even more disturbing when considering how many doses of the shots were administered.

At the time when Rancourt and his colleagues put together the report, 13.5 billion COVID jabs had been injected into people’s bodies.

“Divide that number by 800 and you end up with approximately 17 million COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths,” noted The Vigilant Fox on X, also sharing the following video from Dan Skorbach.


Electrical engineer John Beaudoin has been probing the data in his home state of Massachusetts as well, coming to similar conclusions about the ugly nature of COVID jabs.

Upon looking through the death database compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Health, Beaudoin found that 2020 “was a year of excess respiratory [deaths],” followed by a change in 2021 after Covid injections were unleashed on the world.

Beaudoin found that excess respiratory deaths actually went down in 2021 after the jab’s release “while at the same time, the blood and circulatory causes of death went up instead of down.”

In other words, the coughs and colds that people suffering during the Covid “pandemic” largely disappeared after the shots were rolled our for public use, only to be replaced by many now-known adverse events stemming from COVID shots.

“So what people are dying from, they’re dying from … cardiac stroke, pulmonary embolism, gastrointestinal hemorrhages, aortic arch dissections, more than the respiratory, which went down at the same time,” Beaudoin said.