Nigel Farage: Growing Number of Muslims ‘Loathe’ British Values

Nigel Farage: Growing Number of Muslims ‘Loathe’ British Values

Nigel Farage faces backlash after claiming an increasing number of Muslims in the UK reject British values, citing a controversial poll.

Brexit leader Nigel Farage sparked controversy on Sunday during an appearance on Sky News’s Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips. Farage claimed that a growing number of Muslims in the UK “loathe” British values, leading to accusations of racism and Islamophobia from various quarters.

Farage stated, “We have a growing number of young people in this country who do not subscribe to British values, in fact, loathe much of what we stand for. I think we see them on the streets of London every Saturday.” When pressed by Phillips if he was referring to Muslims in the UK, Farage replied: “We are. And I’m afraid I found some of the recent surveys saying that 46% of British Muslims support Hamas – support a terrorist organisation that is proscribed in this country.”

Farage referenced a poll by the Henry Jackson Society, which found that nearly half of British Muslims were sympathetic to Hamas and only 24% believed Hamas committed murder and rape during the October 7th terror attacks on Israel.

The survey also found that a third of British Muslims would like to see Sharia law implemented in Britain and 52% supported making it a crime to depict the Islamic prophet Mohammed.

When challenged by Phillips that he was labeling all Muslims as opposed to British values, Farage clarified, “I’m not blaming them. I’m stating a fact. All I’m doing is stating in fact, no one else dares tell the truth about this.” He added, “Nobody in history has allowed more people in who are potentially really going to fight against British values than Mr Sunak.”

Farage argued that the biggest problem facing the UK is the population explosion due to mass immigration, criticizing both Conservative and Labour parties for their immigration policies. “If you want mass immigration, vote Conservative, if you want mass immigration, vote Labour,” he stated.

The interview drew sharp condemnations from left-wing politicians and Muslim activists. Zara Mohammed, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, wrote on social media: “So horribly Islamophobic and racist- doing what Farage does best, reinforcing his hate-filled rhetoric of misinformation.”

Labour MP Stella Creasy responded: “I won’t share Farage’s vile and factually incorrect comments about Muslims and immigration… This drum beat of hate will only get louder if it isn’t drowned out by a cacophony of solidarity.”

Far-left LBC radio host James O’Brien also criticized Farage, stating: “Farage stays relevant by being disgusting [and] dishonest.”

Conversely, some voices supported Farage’s remarks. Political commentator Darren Grimes commented: “Nigel Farage is challenged by Sly News on his assertion that Britain has a ‘real, real problem’ that has been identified with crystal clarity since October 7. I cannot understand how anyone cannot see the glaring threat before us.”