WEF Demands ‘Climate Lockdowns’ to Force ‘Net Zero’ Agenda

WEF Demands ‘Climate Lockdowns’ to Force ‘Net Zero’ Agenda  carbon credit
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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has ordered governments around the world to begin locking up their citizens with “climate lockdowns” in order to force the public to comply with the globalist “Net Zero” agenda.

The WEF argues that members of the general public are causing “climate change” due to their “carbon footprint.”

According to the unelected elitist organization, populations must be placed under major restrictions such as “climate lockdowns” and “15-minute cities” in order to “fight global warming.”

As part of the plan, governments are being told to usher in “smart cities” and “cashless societies” so that people can be controlled by external centralized forces.

The WEF insists that the public should be thankful for the plans because “smart cities,” “digital cash,” “climate lockdowns,” food rationing, and travel bans will make their lives “more efficient.”

Under the WEF’s scheme, citizens will be locked up under “climate lockdown.”

However, those who “behave” will be able to buy some freedoms by building up “carbon credits.”

To accumulate “carbon credits,” a person must not eat any meat, buy any new clothing, or travel on any kind of transport.

Eating lab-grown “meats” and insect-based “foods” as well as keeping up to date with vaccinations will also help build credits.

Of course, this is something we’ve been warning of for many years.

That they would force people into 15-minute cities with a new CBDC replacement of the dollar which is attached to carbon credits and social credit.

With the carbon credits, they will track you on your bank account and on the street.

They will also track you in your home by forcing you to use smart meters which will tell the government how much gas, electricity and water you use on a regular basis to ensure you will only be rationed what they believe you deserve as they collapse the food and electric supply on purpose.

Chris O’Shea, the CEO of Centrica says it should be mandatory to have smart meters on your home.

He said this at a UK Parliamentary hearing.

He told Members of Parliament:

“In order to have the proper smart grid, that is required to keep costs low in the future and have a responsive grid – everyone should have a smart meter.

“One of the things we should consider is whether this should be a voluntary program or a mandatory program.”

The WEF is going for broke as globalists force digital IDs all over the world, lock people up in some countries for going against carbon credits, put carbon credits on bank accounts throughout the US, Canada, and the UK, and bring in social credit.

All just in time for the climate hoax to reach a precipice with farms being shut down en masse, attacks on the supply chain and grid, “World War 3” and civil war.

How convenient.

If you aren’t prepared for what they’re planning for humanity yet, you are playing Russian Roulette.