German Government Admits Pandemic Was a Hoax

German Government Admits Pandemic Was a Hoax

The German government has just made an astonishing admission, revealing that the entire COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax designed to vaccinate the public with mRNA injections and impose unwelcome new laws.

What is significant is that the German Health authorities based on official data have now been obliged under Freedom of Information to reveal the devastating nature and impacts of the Covid lockdowns imposed on 190 countries, starting March 11, 2020.

Most of the independent studies related to the pandemic have been the object of censorship.

Of significance, the official documents of Germany’s Ministry of Health are consistent with the independent reports published over the course of more than 4 years pertaining to the COVID-19 lockdowns, the mandatory wearing of face masks, and the experimental mRNA vaccines.

The admission from the German government was revealed in documents obtained exclusively by Global Research.

In fact, according to the German government data, there was no pandemic at all, just a tightly choreographed military-grade psyop to brainwash the masses into accepting an experimental vaccine with disastrous consequences, Global Research reports.

These secret German government documents obtained via a Freedom of Information request and subsequent lawsuit have blown the lid of the global elite’s Covid lies and it’s vitally important that as many people as possible are made aware of the truth.

More and more people all over the world are waking up and seeing the global elite for what they always have been: deranged psychopaths hell-bent on destruction and domination.

Germany is no different. The German population suffered some of the most brutal lockdowns and vaccine mandates in all of Europe and now the people are rising up and demanding accountability.

Step forward Paul Schreyer and Multipolar magazine who launched a Freedom of Information request and then launched a lawsuit against the German government when they tried every trick in the book to keep the secret documents under lock and key.

As Professor Steven Homburg explains, the results are stunning, and represent total vindication for everyone who dared to question the narrative of lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates.

The secret government documents – all 2,000 pages of them – reveal that we were right about nearly everything and the so-called “pandemic” was all fraud.

These facts are damning and prove the official narrative about Covid, pushed by world governments and mainstream media, is completely bogus.

Which makes the tyranny we experienced during the so-called pandemic even harder to swallow, as Professor Homburg explains.

The data also reveals that Sweden, which was the only European country free of masks and lockdowns, performed much better than Germany. Which raises the question, what were the tyrannical lockdowns and mandates really about?

Professor Homburg has the answer – and as it turns out, we were right all along.

Breaking down vaccine hesitancy through brutal lockdowns was always the goal of the global elite. Unfortunately, for those who did not see through the psy-op at the time, the health consequences are dire. Serious questions must be asked.

Unfortunately for the vaxxed, the bad news doesn’t end there. Japanese researchers have linked Covid vaccines to hundreds of diseases.

A new study out of the US, meanwhile, has found that those who have been vaccinated and boosted can expect to meet their maker far sooner than they would have expected.

A disturbing new study has revealed that people who have been “fully vaccinated” with Covid mRNA injections can expect to lose a staggering 25 years from their life expectancy.

Researchers analyzed data from the CDC, Cleveland Clinic Data, and insurance company risk assessment data and uncovered a disturbing trend of plummeting life expediencies among those who had multiple doses of mRNA.

Unfortunately for the vaxxed, the news gets even worse. The chronic damage to health caused by each dose of mRNA does not lessen over time, as previously believed.

In reality, the negative health effects appear to continue indefinitely.

According to the researchers, CDC All-Cause Mortality data reveals that each jab increased mortality by 7% in the year 2022 compared to the mortality in 2021.

This means that people who have had 5 doses – that’s two doses and three boosters – were 35% more likely to die in 2022 than they were in 2021.

Correlating with the German information, the study also confirmed that people who are not vaccinated were no more likely to die in 2022 than in 2021.

These numbers are damning. But anybody paying attention can see that something is very wrong with the vaccinated. They are dropping like flies with heart problems and turbo cancer all over the world.

Professional athletes are supposed to be among the healthiest people on the planet but in the past few years, thousands have collapsed with sudden and inexplicable heart conditions.

Fully vaccinated professional athletes are continuing to drop like flies, with four professional soccer players having collapsed suddenly, clutching their hearts, in the last week alone.

Egyptian star Ahmed Refeat became the third professional soccer play to suffer cardiac arrest in front of live TV cameras, with doctors later admitting they “hadn’t seen something like this before.”

Orlando Pirates midfielder Makhelene Makhaula was the second football star to collapse on the field this week, as medical staff were seen desperately attempting to revive the South African star.

Listen as the stunned announcer admits, in his own words, that footballers are dropping like flies all over the world since the vaccine rollout.

On Sunday in the Argentinian top flight, Estudiantes’ Javier Altamirano suffered a seizure and collapsed suddenly in the big match against Boca Juniors, one of the biggest clubs in South America.

It’s not just professional athletes dropping like flies.

People from all walks of life, including popular social media influencers, are being struck down with heart conditions and rare forms of cancer at unprecedented rates.

An ethical media would be highlighting these incidents on the front pages, putting their resources into investigating why so many young and healthy people are suffering from cardiac arrests, strokes, and rare forms of cancer.

Instead, the media is attempting to normalize the phenomenon and convince you that professional athletes and young people having heart attacks are par for the course.

However, anybody capable of independent thought understands this situation is far from normal.