Fake Meat Exposed as Plot to Control Food Supply

Fake Meat Exposed as Plot to Control Food Supply

The globalist push to pressure the public into eating fake “meat” products has been exposed as a plot to control the food supply.

The push is being led by the World Economic Forum (WEF) which uses Harvard University and Internet vegans to advance the agenda.

The WEF seeks to eliminate real meat and dairy to supposedly “save the planet” from “climate change.”

But is it really an effort to stop global warming?

Is it an earnest attempt at making everyone healthier?

Is it a desperate plea to end animal cruelty?

The answers may surprise you.

The documentary ‘Beyond Impossible – The Truth Behind the Fake Meat Industry’ argues that lab-grown and cultured meats, as ultra-processed foods, could pose significant health risks, challenging the perceived benefits of these meat alternatives.

Fake meats lack essential nutrients found in natural meats, including specific amino acids that are crucial for muscle maintenance and overall health.

Even for those who faithfully follow the “climate crisis” narrative, fake meats are bad news.

Despite claims of “sustainability,” studies show that meat alternatives have far greater “greenhouse gas emissions” than traditional livestock practices.

Evidence supports regenerative farming methods as far more beneficial for the environment compared to the industrial farming methods upon which ultra-processed meat alternatives rely.

The documentary analyses current global policies that push for meat alternatives, suggesting a broader agenda is at play – one that may compromise food security and individual health through increased reliance on ultra-processed food.