Pro-Vaxxer Stunned as Expert Provides Evidence Linking Covid Shots to Sudden Deaths

Pro-Vaxxer Stunned as Expert Provides Evidence Linking Covid Shots to Sudden Deaths  vaccine

A vaccination advocate was left stunned after being presented with evidence from a world-renowned expert showing how Covid mRNA shots have caused a global sudden death epidemic.

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough proved once again that he can cite the science quite like no one else after going into enemy territory — and winning.

Recently, on the Occupy Democrats Network, Dr. McCullough told podcaster Brian Shapiro, “You are wrong” to his face about the COVID-19 injections.

Shapiro claimed, “You are… far less likely to get the effects of having to go into the ICU or possibly dying if you were vaccinated.”

“Am I wrong?” he asked.

“Yeah, you’re wrong,” replied Dr. McCullough.

“And here’s the reason why.”

McCullough then dropped bombshell information that left Shapiro speechless:

• “The prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials of the vaccines never showed a reduction in severity.”

• “They never showed a reduction in hospitalization and death.”

• “In a recent paper by Norman Fenton from the UK, he shown that there was tremendous misclassification bias.” This misclassification bias led to the false claim that 90% of people dying in the hospital were unvaccinated.

• “In countries that actually did have the vaccine status, like the UK, they found far more vaccinated in the hospital on ventilators and dying than the unvaccinated.”

• “With every single injection, one is more and more likely to get COVID-19.”

• “Our safety system for vaccines records, on average, 150 deaths in a year on average. The COVID-19 vaccines roll out… 18,655 Americans dying after the vaccine. 1150 die on the same day they take the shot! Some die in the vaccine center. 1200 die the next day.”

• 18,655 Americans dying after the vaccine doesn’t account for the underreporting factor of 30. “We’re looking, as we sit here today, at 550,000 plus Americans who have died after the vaccine. The same pattern is seen worldwide.”

Dr. McCullough ended with this statement:

“There are calls to pull these vaccines off the market. They’re so grossly unsafe because people die quickly after taking them.

The Need for More Public Discourse

Infowars reporter writes, “This is the type of conversation needed to awaken those who are still open to listening.”

I must say that I agree. Dr. McCullough handled the situation with masterful debating skills and grace.

I hope more people on the other side of the issue find themselves willing to engage in discussion with Dr. Peter McCullough.

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