Molecular Geneticist: mRNA Shots Were ‘Designed’ to ‘Destroy Humanity’

Molecular Geneticist: mRNA Shots Were ‘Designed’ to ‘Destroy Humanity’

A world-renowned molecular geneticist has blown the whistle to warn the public that Covid mRNA vaccines were “designed” by globalist elites to “destroy humanity.”

According to Dr. Michael Nehls, the injections were created as part of a plan by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN), The World Health Organization (WHO), Big Pharma, and globalist world governments.

The plan sought to “conquer the human mind” by destroying most of the human race and breaking down barriers that were preventing the globalist agenda from being ushered in on a global scale.

Nehls, a leading expert with insider knowledge of the plot, warns that the mRNA shots were “designed” to depopulate the planet and allow unelected global elites to assert dominance over those who survived.

However, he notes that the plan is far from being realized as the shots were created to act as a “ticking time bomb” that would continue to eliminate the vaccinated for several years after they received the shots.

This plan, according to Nehls, seeks to reduce the global population in stages to align with the WEF’s “Net Zero” goals for complying with “Agenda 2030” and “Agenda 2050.”

By 2025, when the WEF’s plan is complete, Earth will only have a fraction of today’s human population left, the molecular geneticist warns.

Nehls has has studied the effects of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines on the brain extensively and believes it is the way these jabs affect our minds that made governments so eager to push them on their populations.

He recently sat down with Tucker Carlson to discuss his book, The Indoctrinated Brain, and how these vaccines are affecting people’s minds.

He explained how both the vaccines and the virus itself – which was engineered in a lab, funded by the Chinese government and partly paid for by American government – are vital components of a widespread assault on the human brain that seeks to squash the individuality associated with clear and healthy minds.

Dr. Nehls said that thanks to the brain alterations this causes, “we can be conquered, and we would even accept it.”

He also believes “it’s not about health, it’s not about even money – it’s about conquering the human mind.”

He added that there were other ways that the vaccines could have been designed that would have avoided affecting the brain in this way, but vaccine developers actually chose to use this mechanism – and that doesn’t seem to be an accident.

Investigative journalist John Leake explained why this theory is so compelling.

He described his own experience with COVID-19 in June of 2022.

He followed the protocol of Dr. Peter McCullough and quickly returned to normal after three days of feeling extreme fatigue and symptoms that were not unlike those of a bad hangover.

However, he reported that he felt very depressed for about two weeks afterward and was inundated with gloomy thoughts.

Even as his body returned to normal and he started to resume typical activities like long walks on the third day, his mind didn’t bounce back as quickly.

Dr. McCullough told him that this was caused by neuroinflammation from the spike protein, which means that both the virus and the vaccine will have this effect.

“The spike protein causes an inflammatory immune response that affects the brain, and autopsy studies have even found the spike in the brain,” Dr. McCullough explained.

People who can’t think for themselves are easier to control

In fact, the effects on the brain may be worse among the vaccinated because they induce the body to produce uncontrolled amounts of the spike protein for an unpredictable duration.

When you also factor in how the vaccine is not a sterilizing one, which means those who get it still often contract the virus – some of them multiple times – it is easy to see how so many people’s brains could be declining in a major way and one that those in power could seek to capitalize on to control our behavior so we remain dependent on them.

Leake said that he has noticed many people around him experiencing some type of mental lethargy.

For example, he feels that the quality of deep conversations among people has declined recently.

While many people can keep up with trivial conversations, those that require more cognitive energy seem to be challenging these days.

He also pointed out that the virus emerged right around the time that the World Economic Forum announced its scary Great Reset agenda.

In fact, WEF founder Klaus Schwab himself said:

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world.”