Rand Paul Says He’s Found a “Smoking Gun” That Will Send Fauci to Prison “For Life”

Rand Paul Says He’s Found a “Smoking Gun” That Will Send Fauci to Prison “For Life”  Anthony Fauci

Senator Rand Paul has announced that new evidence has emerged in the investigation into the origins of COVID-19 that will see Anthony Fauci and others imprisoned for life.

According to Senator Paul, a whistleblower has provided damning evidence directly tying Anthony Fauci and multiple government agencies to a plot to create COVID in a lab as part of a massive depopulation drive.

Appearing on Fox News, Paul declared that he recently discovered that “officials from 15 federal agencies knew in 2018 that the Wuhan Institute of Viorology was trying to engeineer a coronovirus like COVID-19.”

Modernity.news reports: “We found out about this first from a brave Marine who reported that this research was a grant proposal back in 2018,” Paul noted, adding “But we only found out about this from a whistleblower, nobody else in government ever informed us including Anthony Fauci.”

“When Anthony Fauci was asked about this particular grant proposal he said not only did he not fund it, he said we don’t know anything about it and we have never heard of it,” Paul added.

The Senator continued, “NIH, and Anthony Fauci’s NIAID were on the proposal. They weren’t just aware of the proposal, they were intimately involved in the proposal and that was to create a virus that looks a lot like COVID-19 and may well have been COVID-19. But nobody revealed this, and Anthony Fauci continues to say hey, I knew nothing about this.”

“This was his own agency. We now have proof that the NIH and NIAID, Fauci’s agency, knew about this proposal and were part of the proposal,” Paul further urged.

Paul detailed that the proposal, called DEFUSE, was going to be carried out at the University of North Carolina but was switched at some point to the Wuhan Institute

“It was a project which was never funded by the U.S. government but we know Wuhan Institute continued to do this research and we know that a lot of people knew this was going on, including Anthony Fauci, and never revealed it to the public,” Paul explained, adding “In fact, it is sort of the opposite.”

He further noted that Fauci “for years has tried to call anybody who believes that it came from the lab or looks at evidence the the virus came from this lab, calls them conspiracy theorists, downplays them, denigrates them.”

“He promoted journal articles to downplay and say it wasn’t possible when all the while it looks like he knew it, Peter Daszak knew it, Ralph Baric at UNC knew it. He knew about it. He was part of the project and yet he comes to the White House and says nothing about it,” Paul urged.

“This would’ve warned us this virus was not attempting to make a clumsy leap from animals to human but was already preadapted and was going to be incredibly infectious to humans,” the Senator added.

Paul further charged that “Without question they did fund gain-of-function research in Wuhan, so that’s a lie but also we now know and what we’re revealing today is he knew about the specific project to put a furine cleavage site with Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, and the Wuhan Institute to create a virus that was more infectious to humans.”

“He knew about it because not only was his team being briefed about it, we now have documented evidence they were briefed, we also have documented evidence they were partners in this,” the Senator concluded.

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