Trump Rape Accuser Admits She’s “100% Lying” To Help Biden Destroy Trump

Trump Rape Accuser Admits She’s “100% Lying” To Help Biden Destroy Trump

Donald Trump rape accuser E. Jean Carroll admitted on CNN Monday morning that she lied about being raped in order to “help Biden destroy Trump.”

Carroll joined CNN This Morning where boasted that Trump “was like nothing” when she saw him in person while in court.

“He’s an emperor without clothes. It’s like looking at nothing. It was like, nothing,” she said with a crazed look in her eye. reports: Completely inverting reality, Carroll next said Trump is somehow “using” her to gain votes while failing to explain how sexual assault and defamation cases would be helpful to a political campaign.

Of course, the Democrat party and Washington D.C. establishment are using lawfare to paint Trump as a criminal and using Carroll to take votes away from the 45th President.

Asked how she plans on using the tens of millions of dollars the judge ordered Trump to pay her, the accuser said she often talks with her lawyer about the “good” they’re going to do with the money.

“We’re not going to waste a penny of this. We have some good ideas we’re working on,” she told CNN, admitting some of them are specifically aimed at stopping Trump from being elected.

It’s worth noting the attorney who is discussing how Carroll will be spending her millions is a lawyer who has helped in several left-wing causes such as overseeing same-sex marriage lawsuits and advising Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo amid sexual harassment accusations.

Speaking with CBS Mornings, Carroll said she’ll do “anything” she can to help Joe Biden defeat Trump in the upcoming presidential election, including campaigning for the senile puppet.

The political establishment is openly engaged in election meddling via phony lawsuits, social media censorship and illegal immigration all while crying about Trump and his MAGA base questioning the results of the last presidential election.