COVERUP: FOIA documents prove 2020 election fraud in Detroit

COVERUP: FOIA documents prove 2020 election fraud in Detroit  DOJ 

Both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) covered up evidence of ballot fraud in Detroit in the 2020 election, new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents show.

Upon discovering evidence of ballot fraud, the DOJ contacted the state of Michigan via email to request an FBI investigation. The response the DOJ received is chilling.

“This allegation, and accompanying photos, is alarming,” the DOJ email to Michigan reads. “I would like FBI to look into this please.”

“Talked to the FBI on this and it’s not going to be in their lane or ours in terms of apparent criminal actions,” responded the Michigan Attorney General’s office, “but MDOS (Michigan Department of State) may want to call and try and head this off.”

It ended up happening that neither the DOJ nor the FBI did anything about the apparent criminal actions, nor did the Michigan Department of State.

“Somehow the two investigative bureaus with real authority to investigate credible allegations decided to pass the buck to the Secretary of State, who would’ve been a huge reason why the election was so fraudulent in the first place,” tweeted the “George” (@BehizyTweets) X account.

“The corruption is so obvious.”

Bergen County, N.J., Republican County Committee Member Yehuda Miller obtained these and other communications, which were shared publicly via X.

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Republicans not allowed to challenge polls

Another email from Dawn Ison at the DOJ responding to the ballot fraud complaint states that it had been received and that a “chat” would occur about it later in the day.

The original email that came through the chain addresses problems at the TCF Center where there were said to be “many examples of significant election-integrity issues.”

Government officials from both the local and state levels were involved with the fraud, the email states, and those who were aware of it simply wanted it looked into further to verify whether or not Michigan’s election results were valid.

At poll worker named “Mrs. Jacob” who has been working the polls for 30 years is one of those who spoke out about what she saw, at great risk to herself, mind you. Mrs. Jacob helped bring all this to light, even if nothing was done to address it by the authorities.

The original incident in question involved a Republican voter who tried to become a poll challenger at the TCF Center, only to be told that Republicans are not allowed to be poll challengers.

On top of that, the Republican voter was told that absentee ballots were not being counted, nor were “faxed-in ballots.”

“She has stated she’s been in communication with four women who were previously inside TCF as counters and that she has heard from other Republicans that have been inside as challengers,” the original complaint reads.

“She also stated that Democrats are allowed additional challengers. She has also stated she is available for callback and we have her contact info if you would like it.”

The following video contains more about the ballot fraud that allegedly occurred at the TCF Center:

“The DOJ and FBI weren’t going to investigate anything because they were in on the theft of the 2020 election and the actual cover-up, January 6th,” wrote someone on X in response to the revelations.