Woke British Museum Claims Dinosaurs Were ‘Trans and Queer’

Woke British Museum Claims Dinosaurs Were ‘Trans and Queer’  queer

A woke museum in Britain has claimed that dinosaurs and other animals from history were “queer” and “trans” and that the history of these LGBTQ animals is being “hidden from the public.”

The Hastings Museum and Art Gallery is running an LGBTQ history exhibition funded by Arts Council England which claims that some birds are “queer” because they “change their sex from female to male.”

Modernity.news reports: The Telegraph notes that the claims about birds such as pheasants are completely unfounded and have no scientific basis.

The exhibition, in association with a group called the Hastings Queer History Collective, further claims that arguments about “queer” behaviour in the animal world being “unnatural” are undermined by the behaviour of game birds.

A pamphlet available at the museum states “Despite queer behaviour in the animal kingdom being observed as far back as the 18th century, it is often ignored or hidden from the public,” adding “One example is of female pheasants changing their sex when they stop laying eggs and turn their brown feathers into the brightly coloured feathering typical of males.”

“Pheasants feature in some of the earliest European studies of queer behaviour in animals,” it continues, adding “With queerness visible in the natural world, the argument that it is somehow ‘unnatural’ begins to unravel.”

All of this is just totally made up nonsense.

While some older birds’ feathers change colour due to hormonal changes, to say they change sex is just flat wrong.

Biologist Dr Emma Hilton, who is also a board director of the gender-critical campaign group Sex Matters, noted that “The only vertebrates that change sex are all fish. Birds do not change sex.”

Hilton added that “Often in the process of ageing, female animals can produce male features as a result of hormonal changes, we can also see this in humans following the menopause, but we would not say that older women had changed sex if they have a bit of a moustache.”

After spewing total garbage about animals, the museum’s guide, designed by The They Them Studio, a “queer-led graphic design company,” goes on to claim that “Eighteenth-century colonialism is responsible for the destruction of many ancient gender systems in countries around the world.”

Without presenting any evidence, it claims that past important figures and cultures have a “queer history,” and believed in a “third gender,” and that it was all somehow covered up.

As an example, it notes that children starting puberty in ancient Japan were considered a different gender and entered into a sexual relationship with adult masters, without pointing out that this is pedophilia, not some sort of transgender history.

The guide further claims that some Greek gods were bisexual, King William II was definitely gay because he was a bit effeminate and had no wife or children, and that an 11th century Archbishop had “queer sensibilities” and could be “considered a defender of gay rights.”

By far the most ridiculous entry on the guide is a description of a fossilised dinosaur footprint, that states “we cannot comment on the sexuality of the dinosaur who made this footprint, but we do know that the 11-year-old boy who found it is now grown up, happily married to his husband Greg in a pink house in Hastings.”

Talk about clutching at straws.

“Queer history takes many forms, and in this case, it makes up an important part of the fossil’s provenance,” the guide ludicrously adds.

Queerassic Park?

Of course this is all just made up clap trap, but how long will it be before it is injected into school curriculums?

Will children be taught that Old MacDonald had a queer farm and that Samurai warriors in ancient Japan were really transgender?